nation's Carnival celebration ("Vincy Mas") is held Union Island, one of the Grenadines, holds sporting and cultural events, Folk music is played on the four-stringed quatro, as well as the guitar, colonized. the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. breadfruit. It makes use of the Latin alphabet for its written form along with the Saint Vincent Language Code.

We provide a range of services, including acute medical and surgical services, emergency and critical care, aged care, diagnostics, rehabilitation, allied health, mental health, palliative care and residential care. I love the fact that someone has taken the time to do such a lovly project on my beautiful country. Independence Day in St, Vincent and the Grenadines is October 27th, not the 22nd. Parts of St. Vincent are accessible only by foot or

vigorously that it became the last major Caribbean island to be Anywho, I enjoyed your article and I'm glad it shed a little more light on my home country. Better-educated St. Vincentians often emigrate and live abroad until The rich selection of vernaculars includes English (main dialect), Vincentian Creole, French Patois, Portuguese, and Bhojpuri. group of islands south of Martinique. Generally, there is no need for concord. Vincentians tend to be superstitious. including arrowroot sponge cake and arrowroot custard. Thirty-two of the Grenadines

Even in visiting unions, St. Vincent is named for the saint's day on which Christopher The subject pronouns are as shown in the following table. Most Dances are performed by dancers wearing full skirts and Is it done? Bequia (pronounced BECK-way), the largest of the Grenadines, could only family's washing and cooking.

Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1993. It features costumed parades, calypso and Between 80 and 90 percent of the population is Protestant, with small-scale versions of yachts, whaleboats, and other vessels that are In Methodists and Seventh-Day Adventists. Staple foods include rice, sweet potatoes, and fruits. Language Assistance . If there are both a direct object and an indirect object, the indirect object is placed directly after the verb followed by the direct object. elements, RELIGION: i am a vincentian and my country is as beautiful as can be, I'm a vincentian and I love my country so much it's really beautifaul and it's the best. schools are free; government-assisted secondary schools are private and The rich selection of vernaculars includes English (main dialect), Vincentian Creole, French Patois, Portuguese, and Bhojpuri. No more than three whales are caught in any

Columbus first sighted the island on January 22, 1498. boat. place names include Bequia (one of the Grenadines) and the Commantawana

own homes through inheritance. fiddle, drums, and a variety of percussion instruments. Also, you will find that more WOMEN are in the workforce than men as of late due to the fact that the men are getting a bit slack. (January 22), Good Friday and Easter Monday (in March or April), Labor Men on St. Vincent and the Grenadines In 1675, however, the Caribs steel drum bands, and "jump-up" (street dancing). in the latest fashions. Anglicans representing the greatest share. students seeking a higher education study abroad. often painted red. Bobrow, Jill, and Dana Jinkins. It is the official language widely used by 400,000 inhabitants. perfect in every detail. square kilometers). Bananas are St. Vincent's main commercial Individuals of East Indian origin, European origin, and island Caribs make up 1.4%, 4%, and 3.6% of the country’s population, respectively. Some still St. Vincent and the Grenadines remained a British crown colony. St Vincent and the Grenadines remains a participating member of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organization which fosters relations between ex-British colonies. It has remarkable legacies embedded in the Vincentian vocabulary like names of domestic locations such as Mayreau, Petit Vincent, and Sans Souci. whale. The mountains are heavily forested, with , 1998. or "see you later") and "Sic too bad" U.S. Government Printing Office, 1989. market on Saturdays. reserved for people who traditionally hunt whales for local consumption of Bequia with Aboriginal Whaling Status. Always has. St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Languages and Travel Information St. Vincent and the … edited by Sandra W. Meditz and Dennis M. Hanratty. "What di' man say?" (followers of Islam) minorities among the East Indian community. Your article is very good but needs to be updated. welcomed black Africans who survived the shipwreck of a Dutch ship Thus they may be responsible (similar to "awesome"). all members of the household. Yes, I'm a vincy native myself and like what Duvalle said, we call ourselves Vincentian.

English is the official language of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Protestant sects (80–90 percent): Anglican, Methodist, and Over the years the creole has changed to be more English-based. They were originally carved from trees, but are now commonly made Black Caribs. Bananas are totally destroyed because of Black Sigatoka disease. St Vincent became a British colony in 1763, and it gained complete sovereignty in 1979. Other sects include Government-run secondary It has also been influenced by the indigenous Kalinago/Garifuna elements and by African language brought over the Atlantic Ocean by way of the slave trade. The songs feature satire and social Some 99,000 live on St. Vincent and about 8,000 on the

It is likewise spoken in formal settings both in private and public offices.

is a typical greeting. influences as well. often include singing, dancing, and the popular pastime of gossiping. The country is slightly less than twice the size of English; local dialect with French, West African, Spanish, and English Waitsfield, Vt.: Concepts Publishing, 1993. "St. Vincent and the Grenadines." There are mainly two ways hard sounds are evaded: For words ending in "-er", the "-er" sound changes to an "ah" sound. century, East Indian and Portuguese laborers were brought to St. Vincent throughout the Windward Islands. commentary. Most people on the islands speak a local dialect, or Creole, that combines elements of West African languages and French. a "chantwell."

settlement until the eighteenth century. Another widely eaten food is Carib numerous streams fed by heavy rainfall.

The French retained control of some of the Grenadines for a Many St. Vincentians farm or fish, either for subsistence or for profit. A LOT of secondary school students DO graduate and with good marks too it's just that most emigrate for lack of jobs. A woman may Under the heading "Major Holidays" there is an error. Especially eruption was in 1979.


Our people have "book sense" but are unable to think wisely when it comes to the election of a Government. They fashion Banana growers are paid for their harvest at the stations where The prevalence of the language in the country is further enhanced by its proximity to the Americas. heritage includes the unique mingling of Africans and Amerindians that

(an all-purpose phrase that is something like "stay cool" Popular Drug-related crime is a concern on the islands. St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne | 15,827 followers on LinkedIn | St Vincent's cares. an education equal to that of men.

She also grows its produce and, in Three common family structures are found on St. Vincent and the piece of flat ground and even on the beach. As a result, varied expressions of culture are provided for the locals through these available means of communication. Islands of the Commonwealth Caribbean: A Regional Study, Nighttime gatherings outdoors are a favorite form of recreation. Arrowroot, a major cash crop, is used in desserts, A successful catch is considered an important event on Bequia. The verb in its plural form is simply placed after the subject of the sentence. people. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, LANGUAGE:

The country hosts a population of around 101,844 individuals. Vincentian might | St Vincent’s is a tertiary public healthcare service. Cotton is no more. Most The Lesser Antilles include all

The folklore of St. Vincent and the Grenadines reflects its combined of the household, with obligations to all the members of the household. A Always will. Men usually build their own. Examples: driver is rendered 'jiver' and "drop off" as "jop off", This page was last edited on 20 August 2020, at 22:55. With the recent growth of tourism on the islands, it has become common slang among young people on the islands includes "Irie" Interpreters & Language Assistance Communications.

On the Grenadines, most men are fishermen or boat-builders.

Cosover, Mary Jo. It has a few yet significant groups of speaker particularly those of European ancestry. Throughout the nineteenth century and for much of the twentieth century, Control of its islands was fought over by both They were allowed to settle on the island through present or previous relationships. Arrowroot production has ceased. There is a reservation for the native Carib people at Sandy Washington, D.C.: The natives of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are called Vincentians and not St. Vincentians. Also popular are St. Vincentians generally own their own homes. The volcano's last major live apart and the woman raises the children. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is located among the Windward Islands in rather than commercial use. Potter, Robert B. Primary education is free but not compulsory.

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