Both options will be used in examples below. With a UK wide and regional auction teams, we offer a large selection of residential and commercial property for sale by auction. In addition, you may want to have an attorney review any contracts or agreements before you sign any such documents. What Is My Timber Worth, and How Do I Sell It. Whether you want to calculate the value of each and every tree, or just familiarize yourself with the process, these articles will give you all the tools you need to identify, estimate volume and value of your timber. 10 November 2020, Rural You may also consider investing in a paperback field guide, readily available for under $10 at your local bookstore. This 2018 price rise is substantial but not unique and the graph below shows this is the third increase of this magnitude in annual growth in just over a decade; other significant rises occurred in 2010 (48.7%) and 2007 (50.2%). A large, top quality black cherry, for example, would command a significant price premium as a veneer log, while limby and crooked sweetgum might be priced as pulpwood. To estimate the value of your timber, take the volume, divided by 1,000, and multiply it by the price quoted in your states standing. Our annual reports and investor updates can be found online. First, even though statewide or regional prices can provide a taste of the level and trends of prices, what your timber is worth is somewhat dependent on local market conditions. 01 April 2019. We never pressure customers to sign contracts prematurely and we never include ambiguous language about the scope and details of a harvest in the agreements we do make. Some are straight and limbless for long spans while others are crooked and have many limbs in the first 8 feet. Similar documents are produced by most state university agricultural departments and/or by the department of natural resources in your region. Overview; Wildfire. Brasov, 1st species: Fir (Abies alba), 1st species, estimated volume (logs): 2120 m3, Country: Romania, Region: jud. Savills plc, incorporated and registered in England and Wales. If you decide not to have a professional forester visit your forest, then you should obtain as many offers as possible for your timber and make sure that the hired harvesting company is bonded, knows your property boundaries, follows all existing laws, knows exactly which of your trees you want harvested, and understands completely what your objectives are for the land after the timber is harvested. Use our general enquiry form to get in touch today. These experts provide a wide variety of services for a fee: tree planting advice, forest management, timber cruising (determining timber value), and timber sale preparation and supervision. If you continue to browse our website, you consent to the use of cookies with these functionalities. As a logger and harvester of standing timber, there are several factors to consider when determining the standing timber prices you will pay. In some states, you can contact your state service forester, who might work for the state Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, or Forestry Commission. We make timber harvesting recommendations that consider the unique characteristics of your woods, and address the input and concerns from you, the land owner, above all others. Following these guidelines will help ensure a fair business deal for both the seller and buyer of standing timber. This was coupled with improving demand for product from a hungry construction sector. Third, you can get a rough idea of the level and trends of timber prices by examining the prices for timber in your state or surrounding states. As you can see, coming up with an exact dollar amount for a tree is difficult. The guide also recommends ways to ensure that woodlots are managed in a sustainable manner, so that biodiversity and The domestic market is complicated by the degree to which the UK is reliant on imports. Book your appointment with us today and let us help you keep moving. The key to timber prices over the longer term is likely to come from construction demand and in a buoyant economy there is no reason for prices to fall. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. After the volume of a particular tree, the second most significant factor in the value of a timber stand is species composition. To better reflect the price variations across the state the Stumpage Price Report splits New York into four distinct regions; Western/Central, Adirondack, Delaware/Catskill, and Hudson/Mohawk. Timber Works explains every step of both the assessment and the logging processes along the way. This annual publications lists, by regions of the state, the mean, median and range of prices for various grades of the most commonly sold hardwood tree species’ in our state. Although there is a risk that imports win back market share post Brexit, factors such as tighter bio-security controls on imported wood or increasing demand in the country of origin may limit this. Thanking you in advance Saw Log NOTES: ALL SAW LOGS REQUIRE 6″ TRIM. 2020 LENGTHS; RED OAK Prime, Select and #1 logs 8’6″, 9’6″, and 12’6″ LENGTHS preferred. The Southern Research Station is one of seven units that make up the U.S. Forest Service Research and Development organization – the most extensive natural resources research organization in the world. A Landowner’s Guide to Selling Standing Timberprovides a comprehensive, step-by-step explanation of the process. Jeff Prestemon, Project Leader, Forest Economics. This is for at least five possible reasons. All of those things can affect how much wood can be removed and the operational costs of harvesting. The greater the harvest expense per tree, the less the harvester may be willing to pay for the trees. This is not a sustainable use of wood fibre and, although it is clearly impacting on markets, there is the prospect of price or regulatory intervention impacting the further expansion of this sector. Up-to-the-minute news from our press teams providing the latest developments within Savills, and across the property industry. Saw Log NOTES: ALL SAW LOGS REQUIRE 6″ TRIM. Several scientific studies have shown that timber sellers who hire a professional forestry consultant to organize the sale end up with profits equal to or greater than profits accruing to timber owners who do not hire a professional forestry consultant, even after subtracting out the consulting fee. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. 02 April 2019, Forestry Bihor, 1st species: Oak, 1st species, estimated volume (logs): 215 m3, Country: Romania, Region: Harghita, 1st species: Fir (Abies alba), 1st species, estimated volume (logs): 653 m3, Country: Romania, Region: jud. Fourth, what a timber buyer will pay for your trees depends on the conditions of the site in which they are growing, which affects how expensive it is to remove them and haul them to a mill. Latent demand may fluctuate, but we consider that over the medium term it will not diminish.

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