If you have any issues that matter to you, email me at peter@petereddy.com.au. I have delivered many South Ward projects including the Power Park all abilities play space, a rejuvenated Sebastopol Library, Marty Busche Reserve upgrades, Mt Clear Oval change rooms, St George's Reserve and Royal Park soccer pitches, Sebastopol Dog Park upgrades and many more. Susan Honeyman is the Human Resources Manager at the FMP Group (manufacturing). Learn more about me here www.facebook.com/davidharrisnorthward, davidharrisnorthwardcandidate@gmail.com or 0490 764 785. I recently marked 20 years service with CFA, and as an Assistant Chief Fire Officer I work with communities every day. It is after all your money were managing and we must spend it wisely. Stuart is currently a Director of Elmstone, a multi-faceted land and construction group operating in Western Victoria. The Labor Party has confirmed it’ll be running a citywide ticket with two councillors in each ward at Octobers municipal election. I am passionate, motivated, hard-working and have strong management skills. Visit vec.vic.gov.au to find out more. Festivals are successful in Ballarat and we must include our local Clubs and Associations. The trilogy of endorsed Greens candidates is complete with Jackson Snep named as the party’s pick for South Ward. We’re taking questions from our readers to ask the candidates during the debates and we want to know what the big issues for you are. We need to keep pace with the rapid growth and make sure our roads don't become congested. With a majority from the political parties we have seen only chaos and needless fighting with Federal and State government. Council has a vital role in planning the way forward and I believe I have the knowledge, experience, leadership and plain common sense to help make the decisions to reboot the Ballarat economy. I will work to deliver a fairer, more equitable investment in roads, footpaths, playgrounds and sporting facilities, alongside more support for local community groups and services. Vote [1] Belinda Coates for a greener, more liveable and more inclusive Ballarat. I'm the Greens endorsed candidate for South Ward. My generation and future generations have the most to lose, but if we invest in our future, then everyone will benefit. My Priorities: Get Ballarat back working, continue to keep rate increases to a minimum and to make the council financially accountable to you. Jennifer Ganske is the Marketing Director of the Sovereign Hill Museums Association, Director of Crossroads Farm Inc. and is a graduate of Leadership Ballarat and Western Region, Leadership Graduate Program 2015. – Last chance to request a large print or braille ballot pack – call 8620 1222 for more info. I refuse corporate government and its intrusion into Ballarat. Public trust in our City Council is at an all-time low. I will continue to be accessible and a voice for all Ballarat residents. Call or SMS me on 0480 283 786 or email me at jay@jaymorrison.com.au. I get that we all vote for a party at Federal and State elections but at a local levels I feel we are best served by Councillors who have only Ballarat's best interests at heart to be its fearless and unbiased advocates. My experience is hard earned, and my decisions are always about you, the rate payer. Continue to improve sporting facilities, walking trails and bike paths, open spaces and improve active and sustainable transport. I believe in the smallest Local Government to achieve results and to reduce the burden on ratepayers at a time when families are hurting. I will fight for you as an Independent representative. The extravagances of overseas trips and waste has to stop. Susan is a Victorian Branch Councillor at the Australian Industries (AI) Group and the President of the Ballarat and Wimmera Regional Committee at AI Group. I want to restore community confidence in our Council. Vote 1 Jay Morrison. Growing up and working on a farm, I've seen and experienced the effects of climate change firsthand. Ballarat is under assault. Vote [1] Jackson Snep for a sustainable and secure economic future. I have a business degree and eight years experience in the corporate, auditing and small business sectors and I'm actively involved in the community through our social enterprise, Big Hearted Wines, and fundraisers for community meals, the arts and bushfire relief. Work on the Alfredton recreation facilities is about to start. The CEO was sacked and since then all senior council officers have been replaced. The Andrews Labor Government is refurbishing Delacombe Primary School and giving its students the best chance in life. For the last 4 years, it has been my pleasure to be a Councillor for the North Ward. Current City of Ballarat deputy-mayor Belinda Coates will be attempting to return to Central Ward as the endorsed Greens candidate. It's been great to meet so many incredible people and to help hundreds of residents from basic pothole works through to more complex planning issues. Ballarat is a wonderful place, which can be made even better by bringing kindness and compassion to residents of all species. In my 8 years as councillor, I've been a leader on sustainability, social equity, community wellbeing, arts and culture and creating a liveable city. Tim is the Deputy Chair of the Ballarat Business Centre. As our city grows, we need to have the infrastructure to handle this growth with a clear plan to deliver new schools, libraries, playgrounds and sports grounds. Karen Heap is the CEO of the Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC). I'm concerned about the problems we've inherited including climate change, environmental destruction, waste, unemployment and now the debt burden from COVID-19. Vote 1 Ben Taylor. Freshman councillor for North Ward Grant Tillett has confirmed he’s looking to go around again as an independent. We rely on them every day to educate our kids, provide services that keep our families healthy and ensure our city is a great place to live. I love Ballarat, our location, our outstanding services, as well as affordable housing and liveability which we must protect as we grow and evolve. If you haven’t already, meet Tracey Hargreaves, the Ballarat business owner making a run at a South Ward Seat. That's why I've never been overseas as a Councillor and have voted against every rate rise since I've been on Council. Outstanding issues that need attention are the finalization of a group of Township plans e.g., Miners Rest Burrumbeet and Cardigan Village etc. The activation of the CBD promised by the candidates in 2016 has turned negative; it can be seen by the empty shops in Sturt Street and Bridge Mall. Our parks, gardens and heritage assets need vigilant care and investment. I strongly support cultural diversity and giving our youth prospects to flourish. THE Victorian government has confirmed statewide local government elections will go ahead as planned in October. My contact details are rachel_muir@yahoo.com 0401 085 826 or find me on Facebook Rachel Muir For South Ward @RachelMuirForSouthWard. I offer myself again because there is more work to be done and I hope you can see your way clear to support me. Candidate statements are not verified or endorsed by the Election Manager. I am also fortunate to have Charlie my canine friend as a constant companion. I deliver in this area daily in my full time job now. A benevolent relationship with the natural world and all its inhabitants is critically important so as to construct a peaceful, inclusive, diverse and functioning society. Stuart studied and worked around Australia before settling in Ballarat to start a family. Business more than ever needs to be supported so they can grow to create jobs. Clear communication and careful planning are skills I rely on daily in my career. VOTING in the City of Ballarat election gets underway from 8 October. There’ll be a familiar name of the ballot for North Ward this election, but David Harris has his own issues he wants to put on the agenda. There is much to do. Council needs to continue to focus on the basics: roads, rates and rubbish! As an independent candidate, my opinion is that party politics should be left out of Local Government; elected councillors should be working for the ratepayers and residents of Ballarat, not advocating party politics or agendas. Our city has changed a lot in recent times, so I will be working to retain its unique character while also ensuring we grow sustainably. My record shows that I'm a skilled public servant, community advocate and leader. I currently work as a senior policy advisor in natural resource management. The cost of doing business in the CBD is getting prohibitive due to the high rates burden that business owners are paying, retail jobs therefore are on the decline. I bring both of these to Ballarat. Hi I'm Kumuda, a working mum, a proud Labor member and unionist who believes that if we want positive change in our community, it's up to us to make it happen. We need Ballarat Council policies committed to: growing local jobs and putting local workers first, creating opportunities for students and apprentices to get local jobs, and supporting our local healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries at the Ballarat West Employment Zone. As a union organiser, I'm passionate about protecting and growing local jobs. Our Partnership comprises business and community members from across Central Highlands who care passionately about the future of our region. Despite retiring from politics at the last State election, former member for Buninyong Geoff Howard is seeking to make a return to the place it politically all began for him – Ballarat … I want to hear from you about what you care about. I will ensure the implementation of an effective plan to provide more jobs and enhance our leisure and social options with vibrant arts, music and sporting activity.

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