that is being introduced by the University of Minnesota for use in cold climates, where most pear cultivars survive poorly and often do not fruit. Find a spot in your yard that gets full sun and has well-draining soil. Self-pollinating. Planting & Care. 3. Summercrisp Pear Tree Pollination. Should i plant the pollinator in-between my twp Summercrisp trees or is off to the side okay? 10’ -15’ High PEAR POLLINATION CHART 18528 Aurora Ave N * Shoreline, WA 98133 * (206) 546-4851 * Pears need to cross-pollinate with another pear variety for good fruit set, and both must be in bloom at the same time. Fruit is ready to pick in late summer when the fruit is green with a slight red hue. Plant your Summercrisp Pear tree … 4. A unique pear as it is best picked and consumed at the green/ripe stage when the … Can you please list the above in the order of most likely to bear to least likely? Thank you so much. 1. 2. It is a very cold hardy variety that is a prolific producer of small, crispy pears (3″-3.5″ fruits) that are good for fresh eating only. Summercrisp Pear Trees are not self-fertile. Common Name: Summercrisp pear Scientific Name: Family: Rosaceae Genus: Pyrus Species: 'Summercrisp' Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8 Height: 15 to 20 feet Width: 15 to 20 feet Description: Summercrisp is a cold-hardy, early-season pear (Pyrus sp.) Select a cultivar in the left column and read across the chart to choose pollination partners. Which of the above varieties will my two Summercrisp pear trees act as a pollinator to? You will need to plant another variety to achieve fruiting. Summercrisp pears have a sweet taste and crisp exterior. Summercrisp pear was released by the University of Minnesota in the 1980’s. How far away can the pollinator tree be? Summercrisp Pear The Summercrisp Pear blooms white in the spring and its foliage will turn bright yellow in the fall. They can be stored in a fridge for up to 6 weeks.

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