Ga E P Co Let us sing books of the pentateuch in the Old Testament: Teaching Methods and TechniquesOur Teaching section provides descriptions of different methods and techniques available. Teaching the Bible- A Free Christian Bible Study Resource We hope that this Teaching the Bible section will provide useful information and ideas for following a Christian Bible Study plan. (function(d, s, id) { Feel free to download a PDF of these diagrams and print them out so students can place them in their folders or Bibles. What are the names of the four Gospels of the Bible? I went with the generic name ( hoping that it might show up when other Catholic religion teachers googled for some resources. Teaching Tools Our Teaching section provides descriptions of the many tools that can be used in lessons or for self-study methods. (Member Resources Available: Get additional videos about various books of the Bible, including lessons on each of the four Gospels. I too have felt the same way you do at times when they take “forever” to find the book or chapter or verse. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Very visual and lots of fun! I have found that alot of adults do not know the names either. In what ways have you introduced your students to the Bible? Teaching the Bible - Free Study resource with great ideas for different topics and activities, Ideal for Christian adults, children, kids, teens and youth groups, Tips, techniques, methods, plans, aids, guide, activities, games resource for learning about the Scriptures, Discussion topics to aid Scripture studies, Biblical facts and information for Christian students. Jared's Upcoming Speaking Events →. I’ve had GREAT results teaching it to 7th and 8th grade students my last couple of years in the classroom, though I’ve also taught it to 5th and 6th graders and a buddy of mine used it for freshman and juniors in high school (after which he said, “They weren’t too cool for it! Teaching the Bible - Story TellingOur Teaching section provides useful hints, tips and a guide to story telling and how to implement this effective form of teaching. Many sections will especially appeal to beginners however, their are other sections providing in depth information and facts to assist in Biblical studies. Teaching - Aims and ObjectivesOur Teaching section provides tips and hints and a helpful guide to setting aims and objectives for teaching the Bible. Teaching PreparationOur checklist will help you to ensure that your Bible Lesson preparation is complete and will help you to run a highly effective lesson without any problems. If there are marks on the fore edge of the book, teach students to use them to find the right book in the Bible. Ha! Do not assign the books in the order in which they appear in the Bible. Although technically I don’t teach old or new testament, I do use the bible quite frequently with my freshmen students. The Case of 1 Samuel 11, The Structure of Ecclesiastes and the Views of, The Ideology of Biblical Popular Culture Roland Boer, The Prophets and Two Good Doctors Brent A Strawn, MMs Playdoh Plumb Bobs How You Got Your Nameand Prophets Rolf Jacobson, Modern Poetry and Prophetic Form Criticism, Victims Testimonies and Prophetic Literature, Ezekiels Inaugural Vision Johanna Stiebert, Hosea Meets Hank Williams Donald C Polaski, Amos and Economic Justice for All Michael Barram, An Introduction to Hermeneutics and Humility John R Levison, Creative Writing and Interpreting Biblical Poetry Rolf Jacobson, Searching Through the Psalms Mark McEntire, Introduction to Wisdom Literature D Matthew Stith, The Social Settings of Ancient and Modern Wisdom, On Covering the Song of Songs and the Importance of Canonical Context Brent A Strawn, Performing the Book of Ruth Elna K Solvang, Entering Into Lamentations Anathea PortierYoung, Reading Poetry of Distress in Distressing, The Characterization of Qoheleth in Ecclesiastes, Ancient Near Eastern Parallels and Hip Hop Sampling, Comparing Synoptic Texts Using Jesus Film Clips, Whither History? What kinds of books are in the New Testament? All 66 Books of the Bible News flash: the Bible is huge: about 611,000 words long, all divvied up across 66 smaller documents called the “books” of the Bible. When the thirty seconds are up, tell the students to stop. Give them a minute to look around at the results. These are some really fabulous pages on teaching the books of the Bible worksheets! Have them bookmark the page for future reference as soon as possible. Introducing Formation5: A new, daily email for Catholic parents. There are chapters and verses, not pages! I can really use this information. Knowing the types of books and the order of these sections are important because it provides young people with a context for recognizing specific books of the Bible. If there are more books in the New Testament than students in your class, ask them where the remaining books should go. This means far more than to know its text and characters. While books on pedagogy in a theoretical mode have proliferated in recent years, there have been few that offer practical, specific ideas for teaching particular biblical texts. “What page is it on?” someone will inevitably ask. What Types of Questions to avoid! That’s because the Bible is a collection of writings from different authors Check back in and let me know how it goes. Keep up the great work. Enjoy the study of the Bible with family and friends or on an individual basis. High school juniors seem to take just as long as sixth graders to find a book, chapter, and verse. Ideas for adults, teens, youth, children and kids with different ideas, materials and the best resources to suit all ages. If you’ve taught them the different types of books in the Bible, ask them to self-identify as Gospel, St. Paul’s letter, Catholic letters, Acts, or Apocalyptic writing. Some of the most popular tools used by kids, young children, youth groups, teens and adults are detailed. In my post Teaching Bible Skills – Finding Books of the Bible, I said that I would give you some ideas for activities and games that will encourage kids to learn the books of the Bible and become familiar with the order of books in the Bible. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Use this tune or another familiar song like “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” or the birthday song to memorize the books of the Bible in order. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Start with the categories. I bought a “Books of the Bible” bulletin board package at our Christian bookstore. To address this need. (Member Resources Available: Get additional videos about various books of the Bible, including lessons on each of the four Gospels. I think it is those of us who DON’T teach the New Testament and Old Testament that could implement these activities with the biggest impact. Bible skills look at how the Bible is arranged (organized), understanding why the Bible is set up like it is, and learning skills that will help kids navigate through their Bibles better while they are studying or reading. Teaching and Questioning TechniquesOne of the most important skills of a teacher is a well developed questioning technique. You would think that learning the books of the Bible wouldn’t be so difficult after so many years of religious education! With this books of the Bible printable, children will learn the order of the books of the Old & New Testament in the Bible! Oh my goodness! All articles on the subject of Teaching the Bible together with tools, activities, aids and materials and  are designed to be used by an individual or a Christian Bible study group. The best techniques and best methods to use when you Teach the Bible with ideas on plans and programs. The Bible is history, it is literature, it is a treatise on morals, it is philosophy, it is a repository of spiritual wisdom, it is a handbook of inspiration and guidance. How can we get our students familiar enough with the Bible to be able to quickly find the book and chapter that we want to teach? Have you signed up to receive the free eBook, Lesson Plan: Jesus as a Boy in the Temple ». Each book of the Bible is printed on a cut-out that looks like the spine of a book. Every year that I teach young people, I’m amazed by how little they know about the Bible. All articles on the subject of Teaching the Bible together with tools, activities, aids and materials and are designed to be used by an individual or a Christian Bible study group.

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