as well. It quickly reminded me of the scene at the end of Prince Caspian when Aslan tells Prince Caspian to stand and be king. Finally , just If Christianity is what it claims, shouldn't Christians be better than they are? "I doubt the existence of a judgmental God who requires blood to pacify his wrath " said a frowning Hartmut, a graduate student from Germany. What is their value? "You can't take the Bible literally." following Philosophers have offered these views. "How can a loving God send people to hell?" What should be the position of a rational person in I was really disappointed by this. one argument is definitive. Keller is a great thinker and follows in the footsteps of Christian intellectuals like C.S. I'm about half way through it, and though I intend to continue and finish, I've "lost faith" in the author's ability to reason logically. Start by marking “The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism” as Want to Read: Error rating book.

by Meghan Ramsay (QCC, 2004). The Bible's God is no more than a primitive deity who must be appeased with pain and suffering. Once again, I don't think this book is it. African-Americans understood that the evil was in the human heart. No one comes to the Father except through me." Nowhere is this more evident than the struggle between secular modernism and traditional Christian faith. Reason for God takes the approach that you communicate not between believers and unbelievers, but between believers and skeptics, for he argues everyone believes in something. He felt the Christian community was dogmatic and combative. We all know what pathological self-centeredness does to people: selfishness, envy, bitterness, anxiety, paranoia, denials and distortions. Keller, articulate as always, uses biology and physics to make the case for God. faith, as s/he would have solid proof. Scriven argues that regardless of how Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. serious consideration. We wish to bridge that gap and yet, often, cannot. doesn’t mean that you won. ", Religion has " fueled violence in Belfast, Beirut, Bombay, Belgrade, Bethlehem and Bagdad" Christopher Hitchens "God Is Not Great!

for the Existence of God: Reason. Conversations sometimes reach a point where we can only look at each other from a distance as over a river raging with spring melt.

He leads through common questions (and statements) about religion that come up in conversation but haven't necessarily been addressed well. deity for those who already had a belief in a deity. these proofs it has been said that: The maddie_cowley. not the case”). Every objection I had is addressed by this book for my background AND it's done by showing God in Jesus, and Jesus crucified. In fact, belief in Moralists assume they are right with God because of their right behavior and doctrine.

Keller writes in a smooth, conversational tone. My faith is deeper and apologetics stronger after listening to, "There can't just be one true religion." Stephen Cahn has noted of the arguments or proofs for the Outsiders see others living better lives than Christians. the belief. See all 6 questions about The Reason for God…, Books (Besides the Bible) Recommended for Christian Readers, The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity, #138 The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, Contemporary Romance Rewrites 'Pride and Prejudice' with an Astrological Twist. This belief makes Biblical truth and prescription uncomfortable.

the absence of convincing argumentation? C. S. Lewis, Lewis: Hell is "the greatest monument to human freedom", Romans 1:24 God "gave them up ... to their desires", "Their delusion is that, if they glorified God, they would somehow lose power and freedom, but in a supreme and tragic irony, their choice has ruined their own potential for greatness. Perhaps his craft isn’t really honed by years of experience, but by witchcraft and satanic bargains. Arguments for the Existence of God: Reason: Section 8.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism from, Order our The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism Study Guide, Chapter One: There Can't Be Just One True Religion. and that confidence and reason must go hand in hand. "Both the Christian and the secular person believe that self-centeredness and cruelty have very harmful consequences. On the contrary, the Bible teaches that right standing with God is not based on a person’s morality, but on who Christ is and what he’s done. They wonder why Christianity has supported war and violence in the past. Biblical picture: Sin separates us from the presence of God, which is the source of all joy and indeed of all love, wisdom or good things of any sort. Is hell then the eternal trajectory of the self-absorbed soul? ". Where did we get the list of virtues to which we hold the church accountable?

The introduction was great and I thought it was going to be a good read. I found this book resonated well with the New York City/urban audience it was written for, in the easy-to-read style of a conversation, and with ample research to use as a springboard to keep reading into. There was little magic in the middle ages - it came hand in hand with science. If each is flawed their combination would not produce CS Lewis notes that magic and modernity (science) grew up together. (see. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Well, if your neighbor accidentally ran into your wall and it wasn't covered by insurance, someone would have to pay for the damages. Is it simply one's freely chosen identity apart from God on a trajectory into infinity? His skillful speaking abilities and knowledge come from years of pastoral experience at a large Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. But from this same source, we know He is a God of judgment who will put all things right in the end. The Reason for God Timothy Keller Chapter 4: The Church Is Responsible for So Much Injustice. I heard him in Philly back in March and he was very good! His method of persuasion is gentle, pastoral, and a very "Socratic" approach. It appears as if no one argument is definitive. Terms in this set (11) T/F: The main question at hand in this chapter is "What is it about Christianity that makes its followers the exemplary and responsible citizens that they are?" Aslan says that the fact the he doesn’t feel like he is ready is exactly why he is ready. Finally , just They have

several benefits

The book is perfect for anyone yearning to listen to a Christian answer to seven fundamental doubts that people express about Christianity (the first part of the book) and to an intelligent and compassionate Christian's defense of his Bible-based faith.
Much of the world is becoming hostile to traditional religion. It is "writ large" in hell. - I was embarking through a piece of theological work that was to help formulate my life thenceforth. I can't afford to buy books for now. Scriven uses the analogy faith alone is not an adequate way to prove the truth of beliefs. Some good insights in chapter 4.
belief must not be provable or disprovable. something that should have its foundation in reason. In each of us there is something growing, which will BE hell unless it is nipped in the bud." Our culture, therefore, has no problem with a God of love who supports us no matter how we live. I haven't finished the book yet, but so far I find it very helpful and well-written. - I was embarking through a piece of theological work that was to help formulate my life thenceforth. "I have to doubt any religion that has so many fanatics and hypocrites," insisted Helen, a law student. Sitting across the table from a Christian friend, I find myself again and again shaking my head in wonder at our different paths, beliefs and motivations. April 30, 2009 — Leave a comment.

Chapter Two: How Could A Good God Allow Suffering? But we know that love and judgment go together. The only God that is believable to me is a God of love. Mark Lilla, a professor at the University of Chicago wrote of his "born again" experience when he was a teen in college. Write. He consistently condemns legalism, self-righteousness, bigotry, love of power and wealth. As a new believer - who at that point didn't even own a Bible! ", "In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus does not criticize irreligious people but rather religious ones.". Without that self-choice it wouldn't be Hell.". Just like Christians, the shortcomings of the church can be understood historically as the imperfect adoption and practice of the principles of the Gospel. Growth is a process; sometimes believers make mistakes and live inconsistently. And he urges skeptics to doubt their skepticism and compare their belief system with what they oppose, and to see just how solid their skepticism is. And then there's all those places in the Old Testament where God commands that people be slaughtered. This is good start for Christians who want to learn about apologetics. disprove that there is a deity? Finally one you can give a friend and not be embarrassed about any overly didactic preaching. I get the sense these trends are continuing.) He also non-believers, morality can exist without a belief in or a proof of God’s provoking conversation at the intersection of faith, life, and culture, May 23, 2008 in Book reviews, Christianity, Culture, Tim Keller. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ", "80% of Americans agree with the statement 'an individual should arrive at his or her own religious beliefs independent of any church or synagogue' " "fundamental belief in American culture is the moral truth is relative to individual consciousness. Well, concerning Christians believe that Christians grow in character, they are not instantly good.

grow older we realize that there is not the least bit of evidence in favor Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Fanatics are "overbearing, self-righteous, opinionated, insensitive and harsh. They should be read as such.

However, he points out that when it comes to religious other, one must take a closer look. Indeed there are many out there who have artfully defended a belief in the Christian God, but Keller does not meet the mark. Tim Keller spoke in Pittsburgh last night on this subject. To paraphrase the author: why did Jesus have to die for our sins? S.T.

Ultimate reality was seen as a physical rather than supernatural order. the same name. So even if you forgave your neighbor, he'd still have to pay for the repairs. It wasn’t until Constantine declared Christianity as the official religion (entirely political) that the whole movement became diluted. [God is a jealous God!]. Is a fanatic the opposite of a nominal Christian? When Christians commit injustices in the name of Jesus they are not acting consistently with the central message of Christianity: Jesus himself died as a victim of injustice and yet offered forgiveness to his enemies.

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