Nikolaos Wolf of Sparta – Kill or Spare – What to Choose? The game was made that way, just like life don’t go searching what’s best because we don’t know what the best ending is, follow your gut and intuition. If you don’t want spoilers, proceed with caution, or turn back now. Killing Stentor was way too easy. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. Lovely. You fought well today—for a mercenary. 1. War Eagle Ainigmata Ostraka Location & Solution – AC Odyssey, Difference Between Guided & Exploration Mode – AC Odyssey. However, try to find it in you to forgive him. Snake in the grass. Personally I’m way happier with the ending I got, so make your own decision. … Or, you can speak with him for a few moments before he withdraws in the company of his adopted son (picture5-6). Just trust us . Memories Awoken. The Serpent’s Lair. Still here? I cant remember if i killed Nikolaus but i think you find him when finding the Champions of Beotia he kills on pf their champion. Now, killing Nikolaos might be very tempting, especially once you know who the Wolf of Sparta is. Kassandra gained the top of the trail. If you announce to your father that you want to avenge you, you murder him in a rage (picture3). Nikolaos admitted that he had failed in his duty to protect Kassandra and Alexios and that Kassandra was not his biological daughter, and he decided to desert his post and "find his honor"; he told Kassandra to find Myrrine and talk to her about the truth. During this dialogue, you have the opportunity to make a decisive choice for the rest of your odyssey. Onward to Phokis. Stentor took his leave of Kassandra, displeased that Nikolaos wanted to meet her alone at the top of the cliffs. Unbeknownst to Nikolaos, the mysterious criminal Elpenor contracted a mercenary to assassinate Nikolaos in order to prolong the Peloponnesian War and allow for him to continue profiting from it. LMAO. Perikles's Symposium. Let’s go. Wtf, They had to do it that way so they don’t have to have too much extra dialogue for different options in the game. The truth will out. Nikolaos would go on to adopt Stentor as a son, and Nikolaos came to be nicknamed "the Wolf of Sparta" due to his ferocity in battle. In 429 BC, Nikolaos returned to his post and secretly assisted his son Stentor in his efforts to conquer Boeotia. Ultimately, she convinced Nikolaos and Stentor to join her crew aboard the Adrestia. Before we start discussing what happens in the late game and the ending depending on your choice with the Wolf of Sparta, one final warning. The wolf’s fate. This is somewhat hampered by his belief that the golden age of gaming ended with the PlayStation One, but he doesn't let that stop him. Welcome to Athens. Last, but most definitely not least, you won’t be able to get the “happiest” ending, which requires you to spare the lives of several key characters. After the battle, climb up the hill and join the Wolf of Sparta, your father (picture1-2).

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