Which version of the plan should I choose. The formula is made with non-GMO marine collagen, and it’s gluten-free and KO Kosher. He was a planned homebirth but I used Hypnobirthing that pregnancy and wasn’t feeling any pain even though I knew I was having contractions, so I waited too long to call the midwife and she didn’t make it. It’s all unique to YOU! After that incident, I was super careful about working out when it came to my low back. I just bring her pictures of the ingredients lists and she tells me what to stay away from – a lot of really common stuff that you wouldn't have thought of. ), Loved this vlog even though my pregnancy days are long over! I’m so excited to get this series going, especially for all of you that are planning, currently pregnant with me, and postnatal. These bars pack 10 g of protein and they're made with plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten-free... Peanut butter obsessed?! Also- plyometrics put a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor and no matter what sort of shape a woman is in prior to birth these moves should be avoided. So many congratulations to you!! Plus, they... Chocolate + peanut butter = the BEST combo everrrr! If you can squeeze in one more day of toning a week (even if it’s just a 15-minute video), go for it! Tone It Up Collagen is the ultimate beauty boost! • Wine :( I’m having tequila fomo today for Cinco De Mayo, haha. This year’s Bikini Series will be one day ahead of exactly 5 months post-partum for me, and I can’t WAIT – especially now that there will be mama-friendly mods! Tone It Up Protein Shakes are your new best friend and perfect for busy babes! Tone It Up Organic Protein is unbelievably smooth with the most delicious subtle and sweet vanilla flavor. • ABS ON BACK ‘supine’- If it’s a video, a daily move, or you’re in a class, do a plank or plank on knees. May you continue to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery! So many oranges and grapefruits! I’m so happy for you and Brian (and Winston). , First pregnancy, first trimester! Only about 5 weeks right now so still very anxious and hoping everything goes well… The only symptom I’ve had so far (which is a doozy) is extreme fatigue. When you told us your dream flavor was peanut butter and chocolate — we listened... and agreed!! I would love for tips cause all I can eat now is crackers and toast, Hey babe! so odd. and great timing!! And what a lucky baby to grow up in such an awesome community! For example, an active 30-year old mother who is 5’ 4” tall and weighs 120 lbs should consume at least 71 grams of protein per day during the first 6 months of breastfeeding, 27 grams more than if she were not breastfeeding, according to the USDA calculator. It was an amazing birth! First trimester was cereal and vanilla frappes. You need the hair tie trick for jeans! FREE White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars With Your Order Over $35! Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and First off, congratulations!! Love you!!!! Whether you plan to have a drug-free or medicated birth, a good doula is there to comfort you, massage you, coach you, support you and your husband and help you transition into motherhood. :), • Apple Cider Vinegar (unless posterized). I’ve been also looking into ingredients in my deodorant, make up, lotions, and household items. As a mom of two, and hoping to have at least a third sometime in the future, I’ve been waiting for this! They're made with clean, plant-based, and gluten-free ingredients to nourish your beautiful body. i am not trying to be mean and i love tone it up and have met some amazing women through following TIU, a few of those women i met through my struggles with infertility…there are quite a few TIU followers that can’t get pregnant and have lost babies, and yes, we are all happy and excited for Katrina, but after reading comments and posts, i think maybe we need to think about the loyal followers who have a hard time seeing this pushed in their faces, while yes, there is nothing wrong with posting about it and sharing, i think if i was still struggling with infertility (which, i’m not, as i’m celebrating my first mother’s day today) i probably would have stopped following. So happy for you Kat and loving the tips. Love this and your amazing personality!! I love our ingredients and I feel great having it every day (chicken and meat actually started sitting wrong with me first trimester, so it’s been amazing to add a plant based protein). I’m one of the few prego women out of my group of friends so it’s been hard to find fellow moms to connect with. FREE White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars With Your Order Over $35! Their skin care line is incredible too! I was pregnant last summer and I kept wishing that TIU would have pregnancy tips and modifications because I was so lost on what to substitute for exercises that were done on the back or twisting motions. I am nearly 6 weeks postpartum and am hoping to join the bikini series once given the all clear from the Dr this week.

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