Water Serpents I. Like many others, this painting was given to a Nazi party member. Home » Complete Works Gallery » Water Serpents I. Orientation: Slim. This painting, and its lesbian subjects, is seen as a precursor to later Klimt paintings such as Women Friends (1917), which displayed lesbian relationships more openly. It was started by Klimt in 1904 and finished in either 1906 or 1907. “The arts do not merely imitate what is seen, but return to the principles from which nature has come"-Plotinus, Enneads.V.8.1. Ad: Order a Water Serpents I by Gustav Klimt Reproduction. New York: Samuel Adoquei, pp.27, 47, 48. Frida - Self-Portrait - Wooden Candle Holder, Botticelli - The Birth of Venus - Leather Wristband, Gauguin - Woman With Flower - Small Size Notebook, Steinlen - Chat Noir - Medium Size Notebook, Picasso - Girl Before a Mirror - Canvas Art, Mondrian - Composition with Red Blue and Yellow - Wristband, Dahiler Sınıfı: Pablo Picasso - Sınır Tanımaz Sanatçı. Submitted On March 14, 2011. ornament. Over the centuries, many artists, including Gustav Klimt, have depicted some form of water in their paintings in order to introduce symbolism, be it a river, lake, ocean, or small pool as in Klimt’s ‘Water Serpents II’. Chávez, D. (2016). Water Serpents II, also referred to as Wasserschlangen II, is an oil painting made by Gustav Klimt in 1907. The way that he updates these attributes is an example of the process that art and design requires to be able to continue, and appropriately addresses use of influence in a way which displays admiration to the original artist. In 2015, the painting was once again sold by Rybolovlev. In the end, Rybolovlev paid $183.3 million for the painting, plus an additional $3.7 million administrative fee. Moreover, it cleans and purifies, suggesting a purging of the soul from impurities. Enter your email address to follow this blog. Following the end of the war, Gustav Ucicky retained possession of the painting, and it hung on a wall in his apartment in Vienna. In 2012, Ursula Uicicky put the painting up for sale with Sotheby’s Auction House acting as the broker. Water Serpents II is the better known of the two paintings and features a greater variety of colour than the first. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Benefits Of The Water Serpents II by Gustav Klimt Framed Painting by Tori Home| #TopBuy @[$1,118.00] To Users: ... We have also deepened the analysis analyzing and elaborating an example of a marketing plan model for Water Serpents II by Gustav Klimt Framed Painting by Tori Home, supported by guerrilla marketing ideas that can be used by big landscaping companies. Klimt returned to the theme of 'sensual women in water' in two works know as Water Serpents I and Water Serpents II.Water Serpents I is not an oil painting, and its pale, unusual colouring is in part dictated by the medium used. Damian Chávez. Church In Unterach On The Attersee. “Influence is inescapable. [online] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter_(mythology) [Accessed 17 Feb. 2016].”. Available at: https://www.patreon.com/damianchavez?ty=h [Accessed 15 Feb. 2016]. I think that this borrowing and simplifying of Klimt’s style works well as a modern portrayal of his influence. We can conclude that both Water Serpents paintings were important additions to the fine career of Klimt and the feminine charm within them has also led to them becoming highly sought after reproductions for those looking to buy art for their own homes. Style is like our signature. Klimt’s “Water Serpents I” proposed a theme of lesbianism (two nude women embracing each other).

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