But another important part of being kind is it should be an action that does not require a return action. Helping Parent Leaders Make Schools Great, Get free samples for your back-to-school event, PTO accounting software overview and pricing, free Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition program, California Residents Only—Do not sell my personal information. Here are 10 ways that teachers can spread kindness in their classroom and school! This free program has been a game-changer for me — and it has been life-changing for students across the country! Finally, seal rocks with Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer. Kindness is one of the many #healthmovesminds skills that has been proven effective for our educators and students’ success. Follow her on Twitter @mshuff_HPE and Youtube. It doesn’t take much to lift someone up—a few kind words can change everything. Performing random acts of kindness at school is a great way to encourage and build kindness. The Empowerment Map shows that we are all connected through love, kindness and empowerment and that we are #StrongerTogether. 33. What Is Kindness? A kindness share fair is an opportunity for students to celebrate all the good deeds they’ve done throughout the year, from making board games and cards for senior center residents to baking cupcakes for the local police station. There are many different ways for you to spread a little sunshine. When a student or teacher is the recipient of a random act of kindness, have them write it on a strip of paper and add a link to their classroom chain. border:none none !important; Greet students and staff with sidewalk notes that remind them that anything is possible, kindness is cool, and more. ), a neighborhood bring in their groceries or sweeping up their yard, a friend or far away family member to see how they are doing, a veteran, military personnel, firefighter, police officer or, healthcare worker for their service to the community — and the. font-family:arial,​helvetica,​sans-serif; On the last day, staple classroom chains together and string throughout the hallways. padding: 0 10px !important; Being kind also helps youth feel valued — another important characteristic that is a building block of true future leaders. border-radius:0 !important; You can unsubscribe at any time. Set up tables, each manned by a parent volunteer or child (or both) who can talk about what it’s like living with that specific disability. #campaign_blurb_6AB3AB #jform_email.invalid { 36. 34. Disabilities Awareness Month (March) is a great opportunity to give students the chance to learn, hands-on, what it’s like to live with different challenges—from spectrum disorders like autism to vision, speech, and physical impairments. Resist the temptation to “borrow” the unlabeled Diet Coke in the staff refrigerator. #campaign_blurb_6AB3AB #jform_email Don’t miss it! You will be spreading joy, love, and lifting spirits! Along with a random acts of kindness fundraiser, schools can instill the importance of kindness by talking about it in educational lessons and even simply spreading kindness through positive messaging in classrooms and hallways. Kindness is cool! border: 0 !important; Ask your family to think, eyes closed, about times they’ve struggled and imagine offering themselves kindness. } Our free Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition program offers a chance for families at your school to connect about these issues and talk openly about the importance of being kind to others and yourself (both IRL and virtually) while finding a healthy balance between time spent online and offline. border:none none !important; Let someone else take the great parking spot right next to the entrance. #formdiv_6AB3AB #disclaimer { moves. When it comes to schools, teaching kindness at an early age can be a powerful way to instill this positive characteristic in students throughout their life. } One kind gesture in turn often encourages another — and so on! 6. much-needed coping skills, as well skills to improve their overall health and well-being — with a focus on kindness, mindfulness and empowerment. Compliment a job well done, or a kindness. (For all you non-painters out there, you can use vinyl, too.).

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