One night I ate an ice cream sandwich, a few mini Kit Kats, and half a bag of Sour Skittles in one sitting. There are two ways to break soda dependency: Quit cold turkey. I've never really liked water. Here’s What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. That mental trick worked for about as long as you'd expect, which is to say not very long at all. In it, I learned that the artificial sugar in my daily sodas was causing inflammation in my body. I mean, I should be able to go a few days without freaking soda. It’s the perfect tool to help focus and encourage you when you feel like giving up. Instead, learn how to eat clean—with zero deprivation!—and watch the pounds drop off, with Your Metabolism Makeover.). It really is incredible, the difference that you see in your health! Click here to learn more. After being off Diet Coke for a month, I started to feel better. Have you found a convincing reason? My body lost a pretty immediate 5 lbs worth of inflammation, which science says reduced my risk for multiple diseases. I wanted to be around for my daughter as long as possible. It afforded me some immediate health benefits, and set me up for success when creating new healthy habits. With this method, you quit drinking soda all at once. Everyone has to find their own reason to quit drinking soda, whether it’s for their health, their appearance, or their wallet. I still wasn't drinking a lot of H2O—I never finished a full water bottle—but I did get through a few meals with only water to accompany my food. I realized that I tend to reach for Diet Coke mostly while I'm sitting at my desk working, or while I'm eating dinner and watching TV on my couch. Subscribe to our newsletter with one click! The problem? AUD sufferers, however, will quickly experience withdrawal symptoms should they abruptly stop their drinking (the cold turkey scenario) or attempt to even cut down. I followed the entire program to a t, which included cutting sugars and artificial sugars altogether. It was like they were all trying to sabotage my goal. I don't think so.) Whenever I saw good friends, I immediately told them that I gave it up. Potential alcohol withdrawal symptoms include: This TikTok Coffee Creamer Hack Is So Genius. ), I didn't even think to order a Diet Coke, which is what I normally would have done immediately. Soda can dehydrate you and cause you to look older. I drank Diet Coke at least three times a day, and it started to feel excessive. (As it turns out, I had a sweet tooth, Drinking sweetened beverages, especially diet versions, has been. Ever. Click here to learn how to master your thought patterns and master your weight as you experience the 21 Day Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Weight Transformation! I bought some alkaline water from the grocery store (you can also get it for cheap on Amazon), thinking any kind of gimmick might help me. If you’ve known me at all in the last 30+ years, you’ve likely seen me with a diet soda in hand. The main reason I wanted to quit my diet soda addiction is because I was pretty sure it was messing with my body. I don't know who exactly "they" are, but they are correct. That's not to say that I was a boozy mess, since I still relied heavily on seltzer. I have occasional cravings too (Diet Coke), especially when I could really use some caffeine. I haven’t had a soda in about five years, and I don’t miss it at all. Still, I started to have cravings. Even when I went to a bar with my parents to watch our football team (go, Packers, go! And I was presented with study after study (conducted on humans, not animals) that showed that inflammation was the breeding ground for disease in the body, from diabetes to cancer. Then download our handy dandy worksheet, How to Create a Habit, for free! Because my sweet tooth was insatiable, I would take small sips of soda from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed every day. I love this blog post. (Repeat after us: No more dieting. Even though it's sugar-free, it contains the artificial sweetener aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than table sugar—how insane is that?! You can't just cut it out cold turkey when you're used to having that much caffeine every day. I never once went looking in my fridge for any, nor did I even think to order one while out at dinner with friends. Drinking less soda can help you lose weight, but it also affects your brain, blood, heart and teeth. I can't remember exactly when our relationship began, but it was probably sometime in college. What finally stuck for me personally was a cold turkey approach to soda and sugar, all at once. The cravings still came and went, but they lessened over time. as a toddler, watered down at first. Additionally, if you have ever experienced a hangover the “morning after” from drinking too much alcohol, you can also experience these.

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