#1 Never touch squirrel bait with bare hands. There you can use some of these kinds of baits or foods to trap squirrels. But to enhance the effectiveness of the attractant, you should better purchase a ready-to-use bait developed specifically for squirrels. Killing squirrels to be rid of them is another option with its own pros and cons. Such squirrel baits are available in the kitchen of most households. It is a first-generation anticoagulant that acts similarly by causing internal bleeding. When you select a squirrel trap, you must take the bait that will entice squirrels … The difference … TIP: A squirrel may be more likely to put pressure on the trigger plate if it has to work to get the bait… Squirrel can go into traps for a range of baits, even others like marshmallows or bread. Squirrels won’t step into your traps without bait, and if you don’t bait your squirrel traps right, you will never get rid of your overhead rodent infestation. Unlike their tree dwelling cousins, ground squirrels live in burrows in the ground… Position your bait in the center of the trap, either on the plate, buried in the ground directly underneath the plate or hung from the top of your trap. Here are eight simple rules for success in catching squirrels by using the right bait in the right way. However, in certainty, nut-based baits are the best, such as peanut butter or seeds. Squirrels … Try Neogen 950 Squirrel … How to Catch Ground Squirrels Step 1 - Determine Where Your Squirrels Live. Others claim that peanut butter is the best bait for squirrel trap. The Kaput Ground Squirrel Poison uses diphacinone as its active ingredient, unlike Farnam Just One Bite II.

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