White is always a no-no at weddings for anyone but the couple, but at a Chinese wedding you’ll want to also veto any clothing with red and black, too. For anyone who’s been to a Chinese wedding, you’ll know that there are certain traditions and rules that everyone, including the guests, needs to follow. The first is to avoid the colors red, black and white. Chinese brides usually wear red on their big day, so wearing red as a guest will be considered impolite. There are a couple of rules when it comes to what to wear to a Chinese wedding. You should also avoid wearing black to a Chinese wedding, as black is considered bad luck to the newlyweds. [ TREND ALERT ] Take a cue from the bride. Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device, Do You Have to Invite Toxic Family Members to Your Wedding? The color red at a Chinese wedding represents the luck, happiness and fortune of the new bride. Suitable colors to wear to a Chinese wedding are peach, pink and purple, as these represent new life and happiness. The Chinese wedding I went to in Nanning was very much on the casual side and a woman in a long evening dress would have been very much out of place. You can thank us later! While the more Western customs will be easy to spot, you’re likely unfamiliar with some of the traditional aspects of Chinese weddings. Please contact team@asiaweddingnetwork.com, call +852 3511 6070, whatsapp +852 5976 8089, or LINE asiaweddingnetwork, for further assistance! Here's How to Adjust Your Guest List in the Time of COVID-19. A Chinese wedding in the United States usually includes a blend of traditions from China and from the United States. These are also good color choices because they tend to be flattering on many different skin tones and hair colors, and can work in almost all seasons. In fact, Chinese wedding dresses and suits are often much brighter, more vibrant and colorful than the ones you see at western affairs. While Chinese-American couples might choose to mix traditional and Western fare, some of the customary Chinese wedding dishes are lobster and chicken to represent the yin and yang of the couple, scallops to symbolize the couple’s fertility, duck to wish the couple a peaceful marriage and noodles as a symbol of longevity in their marriage. Fashion traditions and tips for the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests. Drapey fabrics are an awesome choice, because they are not only elegant, but they cover up problem areas without restricting your movement. Native American Wedding Customs First-Time Guests Should, Romantic Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Modern Couples, 12 Popular Wedding Ceremony Rituals and What They Symbolize. Along with the dragon and phoenix, you may see five bats embroidered on the coat, too, which symbolize five blessings. White is always a no-no at weddings for anyone but the couple, but at a Chinese wedding you’ll want to also veto any clothing with red and black, too. For a northern Chinese bride, the wedding dress is generally a long, form-fitting, one-piece gown called a qipao or cheongsam. Chinese weddings are known for their incredible food, and you’ll be expected to at least try every course. Short dresses should still cover everything - being too flashy or too exposed can be considered impolite, just as they would at most weddings around the world, not just in Chinese culture. 4. Chinese wedding invitations are usually presented in a long red envelope, similar to the … It's also common to see dragons and phoenixes embroidered into the wedding attire, as dragons represent power and luck, while the phoenix is a sign of femininity, virtue and grace. Cover your shoulders and thighs to be respectful. Invitations. I have been to about 5-6 Chinese weddings, although 2 involved western Bridegrooms. Wearing these colors to a wedding could bring bad luck to the couple, and is just considered impolite, so they should be avoided. Generally, you should check with the couple, if you can, to see how formal they want the wedding to be before you buy your dress or suit. Springtime preppy more your style? Chinese wedding etiquette dictates that guests do not leave before the last dish is served. Scroll down to learn about what to wear, what to gift, and what to expect at your first Chinese wedding. LEAVE A MESSAGE! Traditional food: Chinese weddings feature a traditional banquet with eight courses. Your First Muslim Wedding Ceremony? Wearing yellow or orange is also considered acceptable. After all, you don’t want to look as if you are trying to upstage the bride! And even if the wedding isn’t particularly formal, you should still make an effort to look nice. Also, keep in mind that black and white are usually worn to represent mourning in the Chinese culture, so you may want to skip donning those colors, too. You’ll also want to dress modestly with your shoulders, chest and thighs covered. This means that you should stay away from neons, overly flashy silhouettes or detailing that may be perceived as trashy. The first is to avoid the colors red, black and white. Is It Ever Okay to Uninvite a Wedding Guest? However, you can get away with wearing black or white accents on your dress, especially if the couple is modern or easy going. “Good colors are pink, peach, purple, orange and yellow.”. While there are aspects of a Chinese wedding that are very traditional, brides still like to make their wedding celebration their own. Guests should dress according to the formality of your event. This custom will normally take place during the wedding reception. All involved my "middle class" colleagues at universities. At some Chinese weddings, you will stick out more if you dress too formally than if you don’t dress up at all. Traditionally it features a red silk cloth to veil the bride's face as she makes the transition from her family's home to her husband's. Your first Chinese wedding will feature some traditions and customs you may not be familiar with, so be sure to prepare before the big day. The Lion Dance: Lions symbolize good luck in Chinese culture and in the cultures of other Asian countries as well. “You should also avoid red, as that is reserved for the bride,” explains Katherine Hoggard of Events by Katherine. In western countries, we're often accustomed to seeing white wedding gowns and black and white tuxedos at wedding ceremonies, but that's not the case at traditional Chinese weddings. Of course, this varies with each wedding so it’s best to double check with the bride and groom, or with someone who is closer to the bridal party. Nowadays, groomsmen generally wear a tux, even if the groom wears a robe for the ceremony. (. In Chinese culture, there is a strong connection with the symbolism behind certain colors and animals and these aspects show up in wedding attire. Interested in learning more about Chinese wedding attire? [ TREND ALERT ] Don't stop with your bridal party when it comes to flowers. Even though many families are more relaxed now, you’ll still want to consider how to best represent you. We're here to help you keep moving forward, no matter what your plans are. Wear red shoes with your white wedding gown to show off your heritage. The Biggest Wedding Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid, Our Official Guidebook for COVID-19 Wedding Help, How to Change Your Last Name After the Wedding, Say "I Love You" with 120 Love Quotes for Her. Separates are just as acceptable as dresses. At some Chinese weddings, you will stick out more if you dress too formally than if you don’t dress up at all. What Is a "Change-the-Date" and Why Is It Relevant Now. The groom's attire is not as complicated or as elaborate as the bride's. [ TREND ALERT ] For a formal wedding, choose form-fitting, black, one-piece cheongsams for your maids. If the wedding is very traditional, you'll need to double check with the bridal party for specific guidelines. Usually, he wears a black silk coat, known as a mandarin, over a dark blue robe embroidered with a dragon. Purple, pink, and peach all symbolize new life and happiness in Chinese culture, so wearing these colors indicates that you are supportive of the marriage, and also helps to bring good luck and happiness to the new couple. Learn what to, Native American wedding customs differ by clan, but are universally centered, Eastern Orthodox wedding ceremonies have remained unchanged since the 11th, To help you choose exactly which wedding ceremony ritual is right for you, we're. This gesture is a way of honoring the couple’s family and closest wedding guests. While your friends may have registered for gifts, if they haven’t the customary gift is a money in a red envelope. Black and white should be avoided; these colors are symbolic of funerals and sadness. When she changes into her reception dress, that's your cue to change into a tux or a suit and tie, depending on the formality of your wedding. NEED VENDOR DETAILS, PACKAGE DEALS, OR PRICE INFO? To be safe, avoid dark colors in general and stick to a palette of pastels. Wear something that represents you well. [ TREND ALERT ] Not planning to wear a qipao? This beautiful frock-like Chinese wedding dress is often red with silver and gold embroidery.

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