Guest artist Steve Ross extends an invitation to join him on the banks of a crystal loch for a view of majestic mountain peaks. Bob Ross invites you for a walk on the shore; soothing waves rolling in from the sea to the palm trees - all in a delightful seashell shape on canvas. | In this landscape Bob Ross paints a far away mountain snuggled in with bright green trees and bushes mirrored in glistening waters. Follow along with Bob Ross as he takes you into the incredible beauty of the dry lands. Glide into this scenic world of green trees and bushes reflecting into calm waters. Sneak away into the sounds of quiet waters, velvety green shrubs and distance foothills. Watch the creative brushes of Bob Ross as he paints an ocean view of incredible beauty. Bob Ross uses beautiful shades of green that burst forth in this exciting and realistic display of nature’s wonder. A real Bob Ross favorite – he uses blue and red highlights to accentuate the drama and beauty of a snow-bound cabin at sunset. Visit a quaint little home with Bob Ross and experience the beauty of tender morn in the stillness of the forest; what a delightful painting. Join Bob Ross and experience the amazing beauty of the ‘northern lights’ phenomenon as they dance across the dark, dark sky – this time in an oval! A cleverly constructed shape on canvas! The first snowfall just beyond autumn signals the true beginning of winter -- join Bob Ross as he discovers just such a glorious moment. Bob paints the tide heading out to see at sunset, complete with rolling waves and a gorgeous sky. Experience the wonder of a late summer’s day with Bob Ross where shades of lavender and golden, warm fall colors unite in an array of fabulous beauty. Bob Ross paints a beautiful summer getaway with rugged brown peaks, clear blue waters and a cozy little cabin too. It's a cold, cold winter day but Bob Ross offers a warm and roomy barn as refuge from the snowy blanket covering the farm. Travel with Bob Ross to just such a place. Bob Ross creates a fisherman’s hideaway in the form of a secluded shanty-home nestled beside a smooth little lake. With silky shades pink, mauve and lilac, Bob Ross completes an amazing birch tree landscape. Guest painter Steve Ross enhances the beauty of this lovely mountain scene with a splashing waterfall amidst lovely fall foliage. Add the first question. If this is a legitimate post, and on topic of r/lastimages , please message the mods, and we'll reinstate it. Haven't you always imagined walking through one of Bob Ross' beautiful landscape paintings? Snowy peaks point toward the heavens as Bob Ross surrounds all of this with a happy gathering of landscape finery. Join Bob Ross as he takes you to this favorite escape. The stillness of a winter’s day, with happy sun shining bright in the sky, can be beautifully captured on canvas, and Bob Ross shows you how. They also have a youtube channel with every episode on it including special guests and his sons painting sessions. Breaking the silence of a misty morning is a rippling brook through the forest. Looking for some great streaming picks? As an adult, I have rediscovered the joy & pleasure that comes from watching Bob paint a masterpiece before my eyes! That Bob Ross episode was great just because of his line after cleaning his brush in paint thinner and then slapping the brush back and forth real quick below the painting. Experience the blissful pleasure of the coldest season under a splendid pastel sky with Bob Ross; enjoy this fabulous mountain masterpiece. My mother was an amateur painter and I used to watch his show along with her as a child. Rich, soft colors prove that fall has arrived! Join Bob Ross for this lovely winter masterpiece! I misread your first line as "he was wholesome", and by golly, he was. Bob Ross paints a breathtakingly beautiful seascape on black canvas today, complete with fierce skies, jagged cliff and raging ocean waves. Today’s beautiful Bob Ross painting focuses on both an awesome cloudy sky, and a turbulent sea of crashing waves. Travel with Bob Ross to a picturesque spot in the meadow and delight in the discovery of not one, but two serene fishing holes. Bob Ross paints a beautiful summer scene today – rushing little riverlet flowing through the luscious greenery of a cabin landscape. Travel with Bob Ross to the middle of winter, where shades of indigo create the stark reality of the season. Marvellous stuff. his outlook on life was so wise, and his art and appreciation of nature astound me. Prepare the canvas just-so, and in the end you’ll have a Bob Ross landscape -- mighty mountain, homey cabin and meadow -- in a window! Bob Ross paints both gentle beauty and almighty power. He committed suicide just four days after he sent me this selfie(09.22.2020). You’d better bundle up for this one! Enjoy guest artist Dana Jester and his dark soft forest; discover the brilliance of the sun's glow bouncing off a quiet stream and majestic oaks. Also, the last picture taken by a person just before their death is acceptable. I'd only seen a couple episodes of his show, and he seemed like a good guy and all, but when I watched this video it made me realize how genuinely of a nice guy Bob Ross was. Bob Ross helps a timid little stream find its way to a delightful waterfall, while gazing upon a forest of elegant trees. Colors used: Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Midnight Black, Dark Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Indian Yellow, Bright Red, Surround yourself with this gorgeous Bob Ross painting; there's plenty of thick, velvety green grass, trees and foliage to just lose yourself in! Travel with Bob Ross and enjoy a spectacular view -- this painting presents a fabulous lesson in creating rugged and rocky natural surfaces. The Bob Ross company runs a marathon of his shows on every Friday night to Monday morning. Take a stroll with Bob Ross deep into the swamp and breathe in the fragrances of damp earth and moss-filled trees on a rill bank. Have a good one, friends. Breathtaking skies, bending palms and waves that accentuate the cool night breeze. Bundle up with Bob Ross when you visit this towering ice mountain as it protects the misty falls and chilly lake in the valley. Travel with Bob Ross to a secluded waterfall deep in the mountains, standing tall and proud. MPEG4 . bob ross is honestly the person i aspire to be every day. Crisp blue sky and lake embrace soft rolling hills and leafy trees – Bob Ross paints the stillness of evening perfectly on black canvas. But he left behind a great legacy, and to this day, people still enjoy the joy of painting on youtube. The Joy of Painting Episodes Episode guide. Colors used: Titanium White, Phthalo Green, Phthalo Blue, Prussian Blue, Midnight Black, Dark Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, Alizarin Crimson, Sap Green, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Indian Yellow, Bright Red, Out of nowhere appears an unexpected find -- a weathered cottage in the deep forest that Bob Ross places there, in an already perfect setting. What a great person. Visiting artist, Ben Stahl, uses a more traditional painting method to bring out the coy loveliness of a little girl. Take a relaxing walk with Bob Ross through a bright green grassy forest, where a smooth crystal waterway flows so, so quietly. Stroll along a wonderful hustling, bubbling river with Bob Ross and enjoy the emergence of springtime blossoms on spectacular trees. Visit this gusty, sandy beach with Bob Ross and see how the approaching menacing clouds hug the great sea and sky ahead. Never has there been a TV personality as kind, gentle and genuine as Bob Ross. All; Available now (104) Next on (22) Series 3 View episodes. Colors used: Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Midnight Black, Dark Sienna, Van Dyke Brown, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Bright Red, Travel with Bob Ross along the country back roads as he paints a quiet little home on a meadow with a beautiful, serene sky. He was awesome. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Beautiful foliage and fierce skies with an almighty mountain overlooking a calm lake. Guest artist Ferne Sirois shares her own Native American heritage in this adorable portrait of a playful, smiling little child. Guest Artist Dana Jester shares with us the beauty of sweet lavender clusters nestled in the heart of a snowy winter forest. Venture into the heart of Americana with Bob Ross and discover the serenity of a snow-covered farmhouse and barn on a cold January day. Bob Ross takes a detour from the trail and discovers a rarely used trail through country woods. Love that color blindness episode, sent it to a co-worker who is color blind and works as a designer. Envision yourself in a world of purple mountain tops and glistening waters that reflect the glowing sky; a magical Bob Ross scene! In this call back to Season 1 of "The Joy of Painting", Bob Ross certified instructor Nic Hankins takes us to a beautiful, autumn time scene. 30 min Discover the joys of nature in this Bob Ross painting. Bob Ross’ dramatic use of blue tones results in an emotional depiction of stark waves at night – all tucked inside an oval shape. He actually knows the hex color codes so well he can pick pretty much the exact color he needs. Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting - Season 2. Soft, serene and near silent, this Bob Ross painting is simple and elegant, with just a lone cabin nestled comfortably into pillows of snow. Toon version of the Archie Comics witch who uses her powers to aide the uncertainty of adolescence. Soft misty background, sweet snow-kissed cabin and rich trees and bushes - all nestled down inside a winter oval painting by Bob Ross. | Series in which Bob Ross paints beautiful scenes inspired by nature in just 30 minutes. Episode Recap The Joy of Painting on Beyond all this, Bob Ross was one of the kindest, gentlest spirits to ever grace our TV screens. Discover a beautiful quiet lake hidden deep in the wilderness - and just beyond a glorious snow-covered mountain! Bundle up and endure the cold weather in this snow filled adventure; Bob Ross paints a wintry mountain scene using only Grey and White tones. Addeddate 2017-07-12 11:56:53 Identifier BobRossTheJoyOfPaintingS02 Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. It's a cold, cold winter day but Bob Ross offers a warm and roomy barn as refuge from the snowy blanket covering the farm. Hike into the midst of a snow-covered forest with Bob Ross and enjoy the beauty of leafless trees in slumber and texture you can almost feel. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. | Majestic snow-covered peaks and evergreens loom over lush green grasslands as Bob Ross takes you into his world of natural beauty. A cabin has found a peaceful resting place amongst a warm setting of lush, lakeside greenery in this wonderful oval creation by Bob Ross. The technique and instruction he shared provided the world with an opportunity to discover hidden talents. One of my favorites was when a fan told him he couldn't paint due to color blindness. Blue black white. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file . Stroll along the beach at sunset with Bob Ross and feel the gentle breezes blow as the waves softly kiss the shore in this oval masterpiece. Follow the old dirt road to that quaint country barn nestled in nature's greenery - Bob Ross paints your destination today. Take a stroll into the woods with Bob Ross and experience the reflections of a jeweled sun bursting into the soft, vibrant day.

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