You should be very suspicious of a guy's intentions when he calls you his best friend(excluding me because I'm "special"). But you didn't just 'friend-zone' him in YOUR MIND, but did he think, maybe you did, by something you said?If you like him, like REALLY LIKE him, you need to say so!! He left a voicemail telling me he liked me. He knows who your best friend and is what you like to do in your free time. I just said fuck you and that was that. You are not confused because he makes it very obvious that he likes you and he shows you every chance he can. lol! You don’t have to analyze what he means or discuss with your girlfriends whether or not you stand a chance with him. girls who grew up with several brothers usually have this quality, maybe you do. Let the situation play out a bit and see. The best relationships are the ones where you are best friends and lovers at the same time. Yeah, I see, my dude! Yeah, I understand! He talks to you daily, from the time he wakes up to when he falls asleep. Guys are usually very blunt when they want to be. The problem is I never friend zoned him, I really like him but he constantly says this is my best friend jen. Like, is there really a need? What does it mean when a guy says you're his "best friend"? It means she is friendzoned. Then it is possible he likes you in other ways too. Try not to over analyze anything. Jesus Christ Loves You, repent, cast out demons, kjv Bible, hallelujah! He doesn’t insult you when he’s angry or vent his frustrations on you. He notices a change in your appearance even if it’s something small such as your nail color or when you dress differently. Am I not supposed to fuck my hoodie? You can bet, most of the time when a man wants to be your "friend," it's for the reason in the example I just gave you. They understood my feelings and why I did or didn't do things. There are true friends who stay true friends (which are very few and far between). Anybody go the balls to fight me , you know where I live lambertville  mi.. high oaks dr.? Sure I like them and maybe even consider them a friend, sort of, but why do they use the term 'best friend' right away. Sometimes it is not easy for a guy to open up and tell a Friend his personal thoughts. So you know that there is some chemistry present. Meaning he liked the girl. I like her so much.. than someone articulating - you're my best friend etc to the opposite sex. You're probably a good listener. He asks you about your day, such as what you have for lunch or how work is going. So it may be a promising sign if he doesn’t like talking about his love life in front of you … I think he means just that. He shows concern for you when you’re not feeling well or when you’re upset. 5. He admires your strong personality and he appreciates your kind heart. 3. He remembers every little thing that you tell him. it really could either way, be actually friends or just saying that to get closer to you. He got all mad at me one night like 2 months ago and said "You friendzoned me? When he lets himself go, he views you as just one of his friends. 1. Doesn't rule out romantic thoughts on his part. I don't think there's any guy who would call the girl they wanna date ''their friend'', If he starts calling you a friend it's because he knows things won't get any deeper between you two. :), Great. Or is it just merely you're his best friend and nothing more? . But when I tell a guy, he's my best friend, I mean it.. True friendships are based on total honesty and respect, with no strings attached. He knows your favorite food and what movie genres you like. He considers your feelings first and he won’t hesitant to go the extra mile for you even when you insist it’s okay. When a guy likes you more than a friend, he will go out of his way to make sure you know he appreciates anything and everything you do for him. The only other meaning that it could have is if you're already in the relationship. I I've had women friends that I would not think of as being attracted to. I like the set up you have but i think zero should be higher since you generally don't speak or meet with other people unless you find them appealing. Do you have intimate feelings, for him? But I'll just have to play it out and see what happens, but it was just curiosity, haha! Thanks for commenting! If you had your own radio talk show, what would you talk about? A guy in my past would say I was his 'buddy'. He finds ways to continue the conversation, as he likes talking to you. Since we are truly best friends, I felt a huge responsibility to answer this question. My boyfriend always use to call me his 'best friend', and now we're dating, If a guy goes out of his way to happily mention that she is his best friend then you can almost guarantee that he has no romantic interest in her. It means that she is the one whom he comes to when he's sad and even when he's happy. Why don't you ask him? I am so curious! like everytime we are near each other he is always doing something to make it be known he wants to have sex with me, haha!

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