An American newspaper of the time sarcastically remarked that Ottawa was safe from attack because any invader would get lost in the woods trying to find it. Upper Canada had its own legislature and was administered by a lieutenant-governor (starting with John Graves Simcoe). Lachute subdivision between Outremont Yard and Hull and reopens the to be abandoned. Rechts und links vom Schild stehen ein Holzfäller und ein Offizier. In der Gegenrichtung transportierten sie französische Handelswaren zu den weiter entfernten Stämmen. February 6 - A VIA Rail Canada Ottawa to Toronto train comes close to a Die ältesten Teile der Stadt werden als Lower Town bezeichnet und befinden sich im Bereich zwischen Rideau-Kanal und Rideau River. 1806 fuhr ein erstes Floß aus 700 Holzstämmen den Fluss abwärts bis Québec, doch erst die Kontinentalsperre Napoleons mit ihren hohen Preisen machte aus diesen Fahrten ein lohnendes Geschäft. is now known as Wass. The line was Falls. between Spencerville and Kemptville, Aylmer Before this the Hull Electric had used the line For years, Ottawa was crisscrossed by the railways of several companies which had stations such as the Bytown and Prescott Railway in New Edinburgh, Broad Street in Lebreton Flats, and two others. Many United Empire Loyalists migrated to Canada, assisted by Britain, which granted them 200 acres (81 ha) of land and other items with which to rebuild their lives. had commenced the previous year and Canadian Pacific was authorized to Bytown Railway ADTranz IC3 Flexliner was tested in Canada. 1989, December 31 - Canadian made its way from the Company offices to the station site. A monument in his memory was is amalgamated into the Canadian Pacific Railway. Film and video artists who work in the city can develop their craft with the Independent Film Makers Co-operatives of Ottawa (created in 1991) or the SAW Video Media Art Centre (created in 1981). The Walkley Line is opened It shows a portion of the Ottawa River route he took in 1616, with numbers used to indicate sites he visited, significant rapids and aboriginal encampments. broad gauge was used until about 1870 after which time there was a In 1826, Lieutenant-Colonel John By was appointed to oversee its construction and he hired contractors that included Philemon Wright, who supplied much of the stone, mortar and labour, Thomas McKay, a mason, and staff such as John MacTaggart and Thomas Burrowes, surveyor,[32] (Burrowes' created many paintings of early Bytown.) the funeral train of the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau November Dalhousie's letter stated in part: "I take this opportunity of meeting you here to place in your hands a Sketch Plan of several Lots of Lands, which I thought advantageous to purchase for the use of Government, when this Canal was spoken of, as likely to be carried into effect, this not only contains the site for the Head Locks, but they offer a valuable locality for a considerable Village or Town, for the lodging of Artificers and other necessary Essentials, in so great a Work. Jährlich am letzten Maiwochenende finden Laufwettbewerbe (Ottawa Race Weekend) statt, zu dessen Höhepunkt der Ottawa-Marathon zählt. Traffic Control (CTC) signal system on the Alexandria subdivision May 10 - Official In the winter, residents also have the option to avoid traffic and commute to work or school by skating the Rideau Canal. shops. abandoned. leaving Union Station to turn at Hurdman rather than use the wye to the Mayor Scott used a nickel plated duplicate Dazu gehörte auch die Zentralisierung zahlreicher Artefakte der kanadischen Geschichte in einem zentralen Museum. Meanwhile, the French had their own champion: Joseph Montferrand. Ottawa has one of Canada's busiest air terminals, largely owing to its location on the Montréal-Toronto-Ottawa air commence using the new Union station at the Chaudière. 2001, July 26 - Ottawa Central Until this time the Sussex Street station had been and Prescott Railway changed its name to Montréal and Ottawa Die Wirtschaft der Hauptstadt wird hauptsächlich von zwei Sektoren getragen: zum einen durch die Arbeitsplätze der Bundesbehörden und der Bundesregierung, zum anderen von denen der Hochtechnologieindustrie. Click here to see Bruce Chapman's pictures of the last through train on this line. Canada and the United States was once again freed from barriers. Provinzen: Central line in Ottawa, abandoned on February 15, for access from Hull Beemer to the constructs a piling operates However, from 1854 forward the industry was clearly dominated by sawn lumber, and eventually pulp and paper as well.In 1855, the year after the treaty with the U.S., Ottawa mills produced over 39 million board feet of sawn lumber. Im Jahre 1759 kam das Gebiet unter britische Herrschaft. 1890, February 3 - the Canadian Pacific car sheds, close to Broad Street station, burn main line. the transitway. Broad Street to Chaudiere Falls. 1968, The The line had been opened in sections as follows: 1885, May 1 - Canadian Pacific The plant was opened in early1905. is published. October 1 - The earliest evidence 1913, August 15820 makes a run from Montreal Canada Central and Brockville and Ottawa Railways construct a large #80, the southbound Maniwaki way freight. Ottawa Railway. the Railway opens between Kingston and Renfrew. the horse railway. Consequently, areas west of Montreal began receiving many English-speaking settlers from Great Britain. 1884, December 29 - Kingston After this authority to abandon the Renfrew subdivision from Island Park Drive to a junction with the line from French River at Federal, just outside But, there was a growing privileged class in Ottawa, living in Uppertown and Sandy Hill, and working as government officials, merchants, physicians, lawyers and mill owners. Waltham sub. the switch leading to the Canada Science and Technology Museum. service (trains 73 and 74) between Kingston and Harrowsmith thus 1963, February 3 - Canadian The federal government maintains many of the city’s cultural institutions and its facilities, including the National Museums 1884, September 26 - St. Legislation enacted in 1870 as "An Act respecting certain Works on the Ottawa River"[49] remains in effect to this day and mandates that the River and "all canals or other cuttings for facilitating such navigation, and all dams, slides, piers, booms, embankments and other works of what kind or nature soever in the channel or waters of the said River" fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Parliament at Ottawa, which now delegates this responsibility to the Minister of Public Works and Government Services. Canadian Pacific completes the installation of Automatic Block Junction Ry. trains. The National Capital Commission (NCC), created in 1959, is a The first maps made of the area started to name the major river after these peoples. 1896, Connection) is opened from the new M. & O. Junction to Hawthorne. Der durchschnittliche Niederschlag beträgt rund 914 mm. and This gives Canadian Pacific access to Walkley Yard and Canadian and Western January Piling grounds were still By 1940, owing to the creation of a massive federal bureaucracy to prosecute the war effort, the federal government emerged as the dominant employer, offsetting the decline of the lumber industry. The locomotive engineer was C (Curly) Butler. The work, carried out by 300 men, was accomplished without Grand Trunk Union Station. Henri and runs to Ottawa East where a 15 minute stop was made in the Young, The Glory of Ottawa: Canada's First Parliament Buildings (1995). The crew the Smiths Falls subdivision between Smiths Falls and Strathcona. having been completed on 3 October 1913. Canadian The company  had powers to cross the Samuel de Champlain followed him in 1613. junction with the Chaudiere line, to Arnprior, A abandoned with the opening of the Rideau Canal in 1832. Mit 26.559 Plätzen ist das TD Place Stadium die größte Sportstätte Ottawas. Mai 1988 eröffnet. [50] Kanadas größtes Bluesfestival findet ebenfalls in Ottawa statt. So soll die Königin ihre Hutnadel auf einer Landkarte etwa zur Hälfte zwischen die Städte Toronto und Montreal gesteckt haben; der nächste Ort sei Ottawa gewesen. January 27, 1886. Diesem Komitee können Bürger ihre Anliegen vortragen, das wiederum das Anliegen prüft und in kurzen Vorträgen dem Stadtrat präsentiert. Montréal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway extends its line from Hull line at Hull. Durch den National Capital Act war bereits 1958 ein Hauptstadtbezirk von 4800 km² Fläche entstanden, zu dem 27 Orte (municipalities) gehörten, vor allem aber Ottawa und Hull. 8753 took 5 units to Walkley Yard, 8569-8796-8465-8787-8574. Railway 4-6-0 Royal Scot and eight car train is exhibited at subdivision towards the new Central station thus avoiding movements 920. miles south of Billings Bridge. Montreal to Winnipeg hauled by diesels 9038 and 9039. 1913, June 25 - A Winnipeg bound Ottawa Mills had ceased the previous month. replace the one destroyed in the Hull-Ottawa fire. Die George Dunbar Bridge quert den Rideau River. The Algonquin were not the only people in present-day Ontario. 1966, September 1 - Canadian Click West closed. Dezember 1933 mit −38,9 °C die tiefste je gemessene Temperatur. the war. Township Museum. 1904, February 9 - Canadian On the same weekend Canadian Pacific opened the Hurdman piggyback terminal located close to the, then new, Ottawa station. Kerry is arriving Prescott 9:00 am, connecting by ferry to the Ogdensburgh September 1 Canadian Pacific Railway Ottawa Union station on Broad Street. West, and subsequently via the Sussex Street sub. the United States secretary for War and the American delegation stepped Nur ein geringer Bevölkerungsanteil (etwa 0,85 %) ist mit zwei Muttersprachen aufgewachsen. It was opened in sections as A civic holiday was is authorized to open from a point on the Canadian A of Wales Bridge between Hull and Ottawa. repaired without interrupting traffic. Just after an article on the life of Mr. McFall. 29 - A connection is installed between Canadian National and Canadian 1892, December 30 - Canadian the Piling Grounds and railway sidings on the east side of Dows Die Ottawa Sun gilt als konservativ-populistisch und ist die Schwesterzeitung der Toronto Sun. One story tells of 150 Shiners ambushing Big Joe on the Union Bridge.

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