Live Dungeness Crab. The best freshly caught Dungeness crab is found in the chilly waters of the Pacific Ocean in places like Northern California, Washington State, and Oregon. Asian markets for live dungeness crab and live Atlantic lobster, decent and not bank breaking place to have crab legs in LA, Yeah I stopped eating crab in restaurants - unless it's the house special crab in NEwport Seafood Restaurant - but now I just go to the Korean…. Is it COVID or just pure unorganized business function. All of the seafood was very fresh! Adding a business to Yelp is always free. Our Dungeness Crab come from the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Comfort Food Available via Takeout & Delivery in LA, Healthy Restaurant Options that Deliver during COVID-19, How to Celebrate Any Mom This Mother's Day: Los Angeles Edition, it's been crab season for almost a month now and dungeness crab at asian stores up in norcal are $2.69/lb. I go so often that the staff have started to recognize me and are so kind to me. Oo Kook KBBQ At the patio's eating is also good Server Regina's service is perfect! Tito's Market (El Monte) I no longer recommend coming here for fresh and affordable seafood.” more, “ on and headless shrimp for about 6.99 per pound. When I went to USC, I would come here often to get little things before and after classes. They're family owned, but kind of in the In-N-OUt kind of family owned since they're attached to Ore-Cal/Harvest of the Sea (a big” more, “" is kind of an offshore departure without having to display a passport. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. These guys are AWESOME. As a restaurant, the food preparation is consistently a 4/5. Would definitely come back for king crab fix!” more, “This place is in the negative stars. Comfort Food Available via Takeout & Delivery in LA, Healthy Restaurant Options that Deliver during COVID-19, anyone know where to get snow crab legs, market or restaurant, i want snow crab legs... prefer to buy at a market and eat at home to save some bucks, but restaurant is fine too... anything around woodland hills or…, President Thai A shopping cart might connect” more, “I have been craving this beautiful MOUNTAIN of seafood for monthsssss! The prices are awesome! They are delicious, sweet tasting, and go well with or without sauce. I used to live to go to fish kind for lunch, fish for cooking and sushi. I'd never shelled a live scallop (at $7/lb) or marinated and poached a monk fish liver (at $11/lb). It is very rare to experience this sort of service at this market. How Is Dungeness Crab Sold? Mama Lu's The best place…” more, “It was affordable and fresh. !” more, “(every kind I was looking for((and very fresh)) unlike the other places that only had a few of my shopping list items), sauces, oils, vinegars, meats labeled for its purpose, particular seafoods, banchans, fruits, and even live” more, “ a consistent customer. I go back to this market for any of my seafood now. The San Pedro fish market never disappoints! Parking is the hard part. Customer service was great, very helpful and nice. Eat local and support your community - Reviews on Crab Market in Los Angeles, CA, United States - Los Angeles Fish Company, Hoi Yeung, Fisherman's Outlet, Seafood City Supermarket, Seafood Paradise Fish Market, USA Daily Live Seafood Market, San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant, California Market, Galleria Market, Fresh Catch Seafood Market They knew me by name and…” more, “I absolutely love coming to this market! My favorite is their fries they make” more, “Terrible service. I highly recommend this restaurant!” more, “For some reason this market doesn't receive the same hype as other Korean grocery stores, which is an advantage during COVID as one can shop there at prime time on a Saturday morning and not be grinding elbows with a dozen Ummas” more, “Absolutely wonderful service and huge selection of all types of seafood! The owner kept running in the back to excitedly show me all of the fish they had in stock and they have the…” more. We got the whole fried fish and shrimp platter and added a cluster of Snow Crab and it was "magnifique" Every” more, “Bought alaskan king crab for my brothers birthday dinner. “ a specific item. Avoiding the trek to Redondo or San Pedro, this store has a small selection of fresh fish and live shell food. I recommended them to others anyway. They cleaned and cut the lobster for me (I just can't do that myself), so I just needa thrown them in pot when I got home. I thanked him profusely!! I have been telling all of my friends and hope to be a positive influence on their…” more. The crab was very fresh and the owners gave me advice on how to cook and prepare once I got home. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. They gave me lots of ice to keep the seafood fresh. The prices are awesome! Hailed by many chefs as the finest crab in the world, this fresh Dungeness crab is only available on the West Coast from Alaska to the Central Coast. However, over the years, prices continue to rise and quality is falling. Well, they did not disappoint and now it is my place to go for oysters. He took the time to ask me if I found everything I was looking for and if I needed any assistance. I can't recommend enough!” more, “A few years ago i began coming to los angeles fish market. So obviously, it was…” more, “Bought 2 live lobsters ($13.99/lb), 2lbs shrimp, 2lbs clams ($5.99/lb). Ps The Dungeness Crabs and the live cat fish were the best! The grade a uni is no longer guaranteed grade a and is now 75$ a box. In addition to…” more, “I love this place. “Found this place on yelp and decided to give it a shot even tough, they had only one review. Downtown. These crabs make a great meal with plenty of meat in the body and legs. I doubt I'll ever look for another market while I live here. We are proud to carry this local Northwest specialty. Also the method of pricing strictly by weight on the Dungeness” more, “I am relatively new to this HOT SPOT, but I can only say how amazing East West Fish Market is.

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