i am doing the same mod in mine, but i am acullay making a handbrake handle, but i have the board scan, ill find it and mark it for u. but ur gona need some alen wrenchs, and troqx bits to disasemble. then there should be four more of the same size, remove those too and then the whole wheel part should be lose. I would like to bring one of them as much info as possible to help. I want to do the same thing. Might open the wheel over the holiday and take those pics. but i see two opions either like i can do it next wek when my parents leave for work, so i can find my xbox and steering wheel.

I am hoping to actually put in another pedal for the e-brake. are those connections made on the back of the board?

one stock, one inside the stock and one around the stock.

yea i got u, i got grounded 3 F's. but its up to u. Gonna try to search for some images instead of opening the wheel up cause only want to open it once if i can. Is there nobody out there with these pics? Maybe I need more help. Can anyone tell me which color the wire for "A" button is? hey sorry, but i got exams this week and i have been busy, i tryed looking for the board scans for the wheel moduale but i cont find them any ware. idk what that kid was doing, honestly it makes no sense considering thieres not one raceing game that i know of that has a cluch, and the only racing game i can think ove that even shows a cluch is forza, but it only opens in the period between like braking and shifting. Please help support the site by donating at the link below.https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8ZRU34U47BESW. yea i got u, i got grounded 3 F's. and ur welcome no problum. Check out the thread i got that pic from.

Hello, I have rework the "frame" and "rack" files of zan666 to be more comfortable: Refocusing the steering wheel for better access to other keys Lowering the steering wheel height for more comfort Adding a remote button for the home key Adding material to fragile areas to avoid breakage I also took TrooperNr5's "stickshift" file to be compatible with the Xbox 360's joystick.

Included some pics of my wheel setup, Love this thing. what about the one already up? Will post pics soon. Where from? I have seen some pics (one included) with wires coming from the wheel itself. Thanks to everyone who replied in advance..... Great Site. I really want to install an external switch for this button. Page created in 0.284 seconds with 21 queries.

I have never done anything like this before. I have a friend who i am sure can do the soldering but i have no clue to how. or since ur gona have to open it up any ways take pictures and ill show u how to do it via over the forum kinda way.

dont pull it because it is conted inside too, just open the botom of it agian and un plug the either five or six wire comeing out of the hole wicth leads to the wheel then pull it off. I can not stand having to press A on the steering wheel to E-Brake. I think Forza 3 has a clutch, but even if it doesn't is that the right side on the board in the pic or not? some time this weekend ill make new ones and have them up for u. I want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly.

thats the board but what what u want is on the other side of that board, AcidMods Resources ----- ( These are helpful tools for modding ). Would make things much easier. or since ur gona have to open it up any ways take pictures and ill show u how to do it via over the forum kinda way. I have never done any mods, but have 2 friends who can help with the hardware. that board u take out and on the other side of it is the x y a b contacts.

remove those and a small face plate should come off too. XBox 360 Steering wheel mod help.... Straight up newbie help please..... https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8ZRU34U47BESW. Right. What kind of switch are you using as the replacement for the button? yea there will be sodering. Awsome! uhhhmmmm.... find some alen keys that fit the six that are in the front of the wheel. found this one, thats what u wana open up ur controler to.

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