A solid-state drive is a much faster type of hard drive that means games load from scratch in around five to 10 seconds and restarting a game after dying typically takes only one to three seconds, although it does depend on the game.

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The next generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are out in just a few days but what exactly are they and should you get one? Game Pass is a subscription service that’s often characterised as the Netflix of gaming. It varies for each game and many of the updates, including for games like Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, won’t be released until launch day or afterwards. This idea of ‘continuous compatibility’ means that Xbox One (but not Xbox 360) controllers work with the Xbox Series X/S, as does any other officially licensed Xbox One accessory, including headsets. We’ve gone into more detail in our review of the Xbox Series X but the short version is that with no major new games available at launch you’re not missing out on much if you wait to see how things turn out. The Xbox Series S will launch worldwide on Tuesday, November 10 and will cost £249.99 in the UK.

The Xbox Series X (£449.99) and Series S (£249.99) pre-orders open today from 8am BST. The main rival to the Xbox Series X will be the PlayStation 5, which is released a week later in the UK for the same price. It comes with brand new console features like hardware-accelerated Direct X raytracing, framerates up to 120 frames per second, faster loading times, and Quick Resume for multiple games. You download the games rather than stream them but otherwise it is similar in that it includes a mix of over 100 games, any of which you’re free to play as long as your subscription lasts. Despite Microsoft’s previous comments about no exclusives for at least a year a number of these forthcoming games are now listed only for the Xbox Series X/S, but it’s not yet clear if that means a change in policy or just that they won’t be out for at least 12 months – in most cases though it’s probably the latter. Battlefield 6 could be next year's must-have game on PS5 and Xbox, GTA 6 release date latest as Rockstar prepares for GTA Online DLC, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla release time, PS4 and Xbox One download news. Xbox Series X review: Speed, power and performance, but lacking flair, Xbox Series S review: A small and sleek console with one big problem, Xbox Series X and S stock update: Launch day re-stock plans and timing. Xbox Series X and S will instead launch with a collection of games that have been enhanced for the new consoles. If you want to score one several sellers on eBay are now listing the consoles at various prices. Xbox Series X hardware review – the new console where nothing is new, Xbox Series X unboxing – a new generation with one foot in the past, Xbox Game Pass is ‘sustainable’ with ‘no plan’ for price increase says Microsoft. The important thing is it runs exactly the same games, with all the same backwards compatibility, so if you do ever upgrade to a Series X the move over should be seamless. Over in the US, retailer Walmart has announced plans to re-stock the Xbox Series X and S at 12pm ET on November 10. "At 6 pm GMT on November 9, Xbox UK and Xbox On will host a six-hour livestream, counting down to launch at midnight," reads a Microsoft post. UK retailer GAME, for example, will sell a limited number of Xbox Series X/S consoles on launch day. Quick resume is another neat trick that means even if you turn off your console it’ll switch back on in exactly the spot in the game you left it, so there’s no longer any need to worry if you need to nip out for a minute (or hour). The Xbox Series S also doesn’t have a disc drive, so you can’t use physical copies of games or play Blu-rays or DVDs. Some stores have had a very limited amount of stock since, but they’ve usually disappeared even more quickly.

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