Click this button to open auto saved versions of your workbooks. Then there is the ‘Open’ command which can be used to open an existing workbook. Excel 2016 and higher. I'm a student and I have a MacBook Air. 4. the Ribbon, then I suggest you download and install the free Office

It also explains the difference in Backstage View in Windows and Mac. Where Is The Backstage View In Excel For Mac 2016 4,0/5 320 reviews.

here if you want to FREE Course! Permissions − You can use this option to protect the excel sheet. Examples and Tips, Site designed by Figure 1.9 Right-Click Menu . 5. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. This option is used to close an opened sheet.

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Update: We have had some customers come across a very similar issue with the Office 'First Release' version 16.0.7426.1008. Now we'll exploring one more screen that users get to see very often in Excel 2016 - it is called the backstage view. Disabling backstage makes no changes whatsoever for me. The last one in the list is the options command and is one the most important command. We’ll discuss the Print, publish and the Export commands in detail further in the course still it is advised that users should play around with these commands and their settings to better understand them. To get into Backstage View, simply click on the ‘File’ tab to be presented with one of […] There are instructions for disabling 'First Release'.


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You can set margins, scaling, orientation, the number of copies or choose one of the available printers. You get errors that it can't find some Id's Here is the "backstage" view of Word 2016 (Windows) in the File menu > Account command:,, 2017 04 11 This issue prevents the ND Save and ND Open options from being displayed on the Office Backstage menu. Update: We are pleased to announce that Microsoft has resolved this bug and they have told us that it is set to be released in an update to Office 365 in February. PowerPoint 2016 for Mac Training Coming Soon Course Description Not getting your message across? if you have it checked.

On the right side you will find a preview of the currently edited spreadsheet, so you can know exactly how it will look like after you print it on paper.

Is the autorecovery checked in the preferences tab? Almost all these commands are self-explanatory. The Backstage screen shows you quite a few of the most recent files that you've worked on. The File Tab. I do not have the File (backstage In Excel 2007 for the first and last time, you could find these options under the Office button that was located in the upper left corner.

Inspect workbook – To check various details about the workbook – like the metadata of the file, the compatibility with older Excel versions and the files accessibility options. Or you can first find the document via Finder and then use the File menu Get Info (or command i) and in the Open With section of the Info window, change it to Open With: Numbers.

If my answer helps you, please consider marking it as "Best Answer" or selecting Yes to "Did this solve your problem? must hide now named PlaceTabHome. Reordering and Removing Ribbon Tabs In Excel 2010 and higher you notice that the big round circle in the top left The feature is already available in But unlike Word or Excel where the location of these files is set in the options, PowerPoint does. In the download Note if you use Excel 2016 and higher: Be sure that you

second from the first few versions of Excel 2016. Editor created by Fernando Andreu to make this a lot easier : There is no “Right-click” option for Excel for Mac.

Also there is a search box at the top of the page that can be used to search for more templates online. 3. Use the Help menu and choose Check for Updates, Use File >  Properties to display document and other properties.

If you want to insert RibbonX into a Excel 2007 and up workbook to change When excel or word crashes and he has to force close them he has no auto recover options and if we check the autorecovery folder there are no saved files. Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs Just click the File tab located in the upper-left corner of the Excel Ribbon. Backstage View is new for Microsoft Excel 2010, and is now the new home for all those peripheral Spreadsheet tasks such as printing, saving, and exporting.,,, Change Ribbon Labels from CAPs to Title Case, Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs. people didn't understand that the Office Button was clickable. 97-2003(xls) files. With Microsoft 365, you get features as soon as they are released ensuring you’re always working with the latest. Click on the ‘Show All Properties’ link at the bottom of this section to view even more information about the file.

the names and idMso's in blue in the table are the tabs. Protect Workbook – To encrypt a workbook with a password. The Account tab in Backstage view is not as full-featured as what you see within PowerPoint 2016 for Windows, but most options can be found elsewhere, as we will explore within this tutorial. Quick Access Toolbar Also we can change how Excel behaves in various scenarios by altering the preferences by clicking the ‘Options’ button in this backstage view. When you click Info option available in the first column, it displays various properties in the third column of the backstage view. You can use this option to get the required help about excel 2010. amount of buttons and tabs in When you click on File in Excel 2016 and higher you can see a different amount of buttons and tabs in Backstage View. The Back button – this will take you back to your worksheet and exit the Backstage view. As of Word 2013 and Word 2016, those have been replaced by default with the Backstage view (see screenshot). If an existing sheet is opened, it would be saved as is, otherwise it will display a dialogue box asking for the sheet name. You access the Backstage view from the File menu. Getting to the Backstage View is easy. In the top right corner of the info screen is the Sign In button that can be used to sign in to your MS office account. Click: Learn about the "file" tab and backstage view in Microsoft Excel at

Microsoft 365 includes premium Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, 1 TB cloud storage in OneDrive, advanced security, and more, all in one convenient subscription.

Simply click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button followed by the Print Preview and Print option on its drop-down menu to add this button at the end of the toolbar. Manage Workbook – Options related to AutoRecovery of the File. not have "Show Add-in user interface errors" checked in

In Microsoft Office applications (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) versions 2007 and later, there is an option for the Backstage View allowing you to manipulate aspects of a file. File>Options>Advanced>General. 9. How to search a website with Google Chrome? NdOffice is only supported in the production versions of Office, we do not support using beta or “First Release” versions of Office. Browser View Options – Managing options for users who use the workbook online. Note: below there is also a example file for with the example below. This screen shows the command to open a new blank workbook, shows the options to have a tour of MS excel, View tutorials on some of the important topics.

Versions − If the sheet has been saved several times, you may be able to access previous versions of it from this section. The Problem: The custom ndOffice options NDOpen and NDSave are disabled.

Download or ship for free. You can find further details in this site. Backstage View. "Microsoft Agents" work for Microsoft Support. Backstage is only a feature function of the Windows version of Office, not the Mac, So, you would have to be running Windows with Office for Windows in order to access that.

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