The sample content that comes with FORZO: Modern Brass is a big part of its appeal for many users. Like the strings and the brass, the woodwinds come in instrumental sections. Although it is more expensive than most other orchestral libraries, the quality and range of sounds are hard to beat. For orchestral mockups to pop demos, and even full-blown productions, Hollywood Orchestra consistently delivers quality results. Control over the sounds is provided by the powerful user interface, which combines a deep modulation matrix, two arpeggiators, and a couple of tape loopers. Performances were captured in different speeds and meters, with a wide variety of articulations thrown in for good measure. You also have an ostinatum panel that lets you set up ostinato pattern sequences just as you would with an arpeggiator. You even get a nice selection of taikos and big containers–perfect for accentuating those action sequences. =). Each can be milked for maximum expression with the bundled articulations, and five microphone positions are provided for custom sound staging. Staccato/pizzicato patches have 2x round-robin. The most comprehensive plug-ins and libraries also include drum and percussion sections, choirs, harps, and full string ensembles. Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings was developed to meet the needs of modern composers and orchestrators. The Gold Edition comes with a full range of articulations, including dynamic legatos, double tonguing, repetitions, and stirring runs. These options give you a good range of sonic material to craft your own realistic harpsichord parts. Libraries are samples of live recordings, providing you the best recording you can get. The percussion section is also worthy of mention, with 20 pieces that will cover all your accenting and rhythmic accompaniment needs. Nearly 200 articulations are available for the entire collection, along with several round-robin, dynamic layering, and mic positions. The attention to detail that went into the creation of this plug-in is pretty apparent. I will definitely include them in my orchestral templates. That’s when you struggle to find usable free […] Rich, detailed, and expansive, this collection of meticulously sampled instruments will breathe life into any orchestral composition, film score, or pop music production. And with features such as Orchestral Colors, Orchestral Rhythms, and Animated Orchestra, the results you get will impress even the most discerning listener. Traditionally, orchestras included strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion sections. All the content in the Strings bundle was captured with state-of-the-art B&K 4011 microphones, with players positioned in correct orchestra seating. Although the Gold Edition should be sufficient for mockups and simple projects, we recommend going for the Diamond Edition for more sample content. Before we laud the manufacturers too much for their generosity, it’s clearly a means to hook users into the ecosystem of the BBC Symphony Orchestral library series and when ready, you’d upgrade to the Core or Professional libraries. That is why we scouted some of the best free Kontakt sample libraries out there that will help you get started…, Simple Tricks For Customising Factory Sample Libraries Kontakt FX Kontakt ships with dozens of high quality studio effects offering a powerful (and free) way of customising and personalising otherwise generic factory presets. The sample set includes soprano, alto, tenor, and bass ensembles, giving you all the elements you need to put together full choral arrangements. Like any respectable collection, you get full ensembles and smaller sections, along with a complete array of solo instruments. There is also a convolution reverb built into the Play engine, which makes your tracks sound as if they were recorded in a world-class concert hall. I know I can’t complain (because the software is essentially free), but I would have loved to have seen legato articulations provided as the ‘long’ articulation can feel a bit clunky when trying to move smoothly between notes. It is gorgeous enough to stand on its own but also big and bold enough to stand out in a dense mix. These are all excellent solutions for composing on a laptop. You could switch between different sizes of ensembles, so you can tailor your brass sections to fit specific scenarios. “Traditional” is, of course, what you will use to come up with classic brass orchestrations, with 100 deep-sampled articulations provided. Spitfire has also seen fit to include instrument groups for solos, chamber music, symphonies, and cinematic applications. PS: you might need to bookmark this one, in case you may need to get back to it in the future. Garritan Instant Orchestra. While some people may want digital recreations of instruments, it is important to note your intentions with these products before buying them. This tops off your collection with a well needed variety of orchestral sounds and colors for your projects. Composers who need a big, bold, and dynamic piano are especially impressed with Eighty Eight Ensemble’s base character. No less than 1.2 million samples are included in this package, making it one of the most comprehensive string libraries ever assembled. Output Analog Strings is more than just your average string library. The selection of articulations is quite comprehensive as well, with different types of tonguing, staccato and sustained notes, swells, mutes, and sforzando and marcato voicings. What makes Dimension Strings stand out for discerning users is the depth of control over the individual players. These are great for that epic percussion sound, but if you are going for something a bit more subtle they can be a little over the top! All instruments are recorded from a single mic position in industry-standard 16 bit, 44.1 kHz. BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover by Spitfire Audio. Otherwise, if you prefer something that is well packaged and gets the job done, get the orchestral plugins mentioned. For the majority of student composers this will provide all the articulations they are likely to need. Check out our privacy policy to see how we protect and manage your submitted data. In conclusion, this is an awesome first library to pick up if you want to get your teeth into hybrid orchestral music, but I would say that I’ve found it trickier to use it for anything else. There are a few complaints about this product. The music industry is not left behind as now most of the musicians are using some of the best orchestral plugins to create great music pieces. And even if I already have that product, it can be great to have a dedicated instrument with low footprint on CPU and RAM, while still sounding great. If you have been following this series and thinking these are great but are way beyond my budget then this penultimate article of the series is what you have been waiting for. Having polished and expressive sounds without having to tweak parameters endlessly also makes Philharmonik 2 a popular choice among pop, rock, and hip-hop producers with relatively little orchestral knowledge. The title line of this instrument is “Have a blast!”, and what a blast we’ve had. The MIDI controller will provide you a way to play those files in a way that is pleasing to your sensibility. As with the strings, the library does not come with legato articulations, so melodies can be tricky to program, but fine for layering with other libraries, or for chorale writing. But Symphonic Choirs is more than just a collection of cool samples. Albion One has become a standard of sorts among film composers, with its beautifully captured legato strings and thunderous drums finding their way into various productions. This product includes a respectable library of very high-quality samples. Albion One is Spitfire’s most impressive orchestral sample library yet, providing composers and producers everything they need to put together professional-sounding compositions. Check Out This List Of Software, How To Choose Orchestral Sample Libraries - Big Band And Jazz, Orchestral Sample Libraries - Orchestral Harp, How To Choose Orchestral Sample Libraries - Orchestral Percussion, How To Choose Orchestral Sample Libraries - Orchestral Strings, How To Choose Orchestral Sample Libraries - Orchestral Brass. We have the usual orchestral percussion with lovely timpani and snares, cymbals and triangles, but on top of all that we also get a very nice celeste, glockenspiel and marimba, not to mention the harp shorts. With all the sounds that come with SONiVOX Brass, you will be pretty much covered for all your brass orchestration requirements. Thankfully, there are many orchestral plug-ins and libraries available, many of which are quite convincing. Recorded in VSL’s own Silent Stage, these patches are dripping with the rich overtones and unique sonorities that characterize a two-manual harpsichord. Minimal post-processing was applied to ensure that the sounds are as organic as possible. Users of The Orchestra appreciate how it simplifies the process of creating orchestral compositions. Those working on a deadline also like having a fairly sizable range of Latin phrases on board. This product is not for the faint of heart. Even if you already have a piano library that you like using in your orchestral projects, the Synchron Concert D-274 might just be a worthy alternative. SampleTank owners will be glad to know that they can play Philharmonik’s instruments directly without having to convert them beforehand. The combination patches expand the instrument’s range considerably, making it a useful tool for orchestral mockups. With this release, you get access to an exquisite sounding collection of production-ready ensembles and instruments that will fit perfectly with your most complex orchestrations. Albion One even comes with a selection of steam synthesizer sounds that will make your productions stand apart from the run-of-the-mill cinematic scores. Short answer, no. With this plug-in, composers and film scorers have an impressive selection of quality instruments and powerful tools at their disposal. Some are (in my opinion) more useful than others but there is something for everyone. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. If you click on one of these links to purchase a product or service that we recommend, we will be compensated it.

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