Silver UK coins offer good starter coins with greater divisibility than bars. Buying low and selling high is the ideal scenario!

Secure online payment, insured delivery and live pricing. Due to coins having a higher cost of production, bars offer better value for your money when you are purchasing a greater volume of silver but do not allow divisibility of your assets in the same way as coins. TRANSPARENT PRICING

They can be sold in various ways. Choosing silver coins vs silver rounds will depend (ultimately) upon your objectives. Are the Britannia coins legal tender and CGT free?

1oz Gold White Lion of Mortimer Queen’s Beast, 1oz Gold White Greyhound of Richmond Queen’s Beast – Full tube of 10 coins, 2oz Queen’s Beasts White Lion Silver Coin (2020), 1oz Lunar UK Year of the Pig Silver Coin 2019, 2 oz Queen’s Beasts Yale of Beaufort Silver Coin (2019), 10 oz Queen’s Beasts Unicorn Silver Coin (2019), 2oz Queen’s Beasts White Horse of Hanover Silver Coin (2020), Gold Price Chart UK (GBP & Per Ounce Prices),,, Capital Gains Tax free
These coins can also be sold at auctions (for highly valuable coins or large collections), at a local jeweller if convenience is a higher priority than price, or privately. If you want the peace of mind of storage, then you metals will be insured, allocated and segregated in an LBMA approved depository. Private coin collectors, silver stackers or small trade buyers do not suffer this pricing limitation and are therefore free to offer lower priced silver when selling PLUS higher buy back prices when you come to re-sell. Reducing the amount of handling and oxygen to the coins will help prevent tarnishing.

They are far cheaper than proof coins so you can get more silver for your money.

And gold used to be too, until very recently.

We make the process of buying VAT free silver coins simple and secure, ensuring you benefit We specialise in UK Britannia silver. Generally speaking CGT free is not always a significant benefit, if any benefit at all! It’s advised to hold coins for the long term and always hold a portion of your wealth in silver as a balance and hedge against market downturns.

Low overheads = fair trade & vat free prices.
There are increasingly vocal counter arguments to the UK Royal Mints assigned Legal tender status to certain coins and their counter move of giving coins with a much lower actual precious metals content – an actual higher ‘legal tender amount’ At face value coins like the £50 silver might look to be good value and many UK buyers have been fooled and annoyed to subsequently discover that no-one will actually accept these coins at face value!

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