Posted by. We really enjoyed having Allander Pipers play at our wedding! It varies on how far the drive and how long the performance is. There are only nine notes to learn, not sharps or flats and no cords. Many of my students who really have the drive to learn are capable pipers with in one year. I think my mom was grateful to have us girls around for these hard parts. Each of my siblings came out for my grandpa’s funeral, which was a real treat; especially since we had the funeral on New Year’s Eve. Protect Endangered Animals with Barbara’s Wild... Recharge Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Batteries at... Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services, How to Decorate Your Kids Room for Christmas. My dad must be so proud of his beautiful send off. When I play at a funeral, Amazing Grace on the bagpipes is the most common request. A very lovely tribute to grandpa. Sending a loved ones to the other side is a very emotional thing, and one that I seem to know all too well. Grandma, who is 93, is struggling quite a bit with living life without her partner of 71 years. Not everyone was able to bring their kids, but it was still lovely to have them all here. With the casket now bare, each of the pallbearers and great grandchildren took a flower from one of the arrangements, and placed it on top. Jump ahead to these sections: Best Versions of ‘Amazing Grace’ for a Funeral; Best A Capella Versions of ‘Amazing Grace’ Best Bagpipe Versions of ‘Amazing Grace’ “Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound! He is a real people person with a passion for piping and he provides a friendly, professional service’. In my post, “A Death On Christmas“, I shared my experience of holding my grandpa’s hand as he took his last breaths on this earth. A post about my grandpa’s funeral is one that I have been meaning to write for a while, but the time just never seemed right. We visited the mortuary, the cemetery, the florist, and took care of the nitty gritty details. What you wrote is beautiful, and made me cry. I haven’t lost anyone close to me yet, but I know it’s just a matter of time. Hi Alan, thank you so much for a beautiful tribute to my brother everyone was making lovely comments about your piping thank you so much. What a beautiful family you have. ‘Alan is a highly professional musician who plays to the highest standard. With proper care of the instrument, these bagpipes are sure to be something that can be passed down through the generations. Material may not be duplicated, published or re-written without permission. My fee ranges from $200 to $400. My cousin’s husband plays the bagpipes so it seemed very fitting that he should play at grandpa’s funeral; not only for grandpa, but for grandma as well. 5 years ago. It’s a cold crisp Saturday afternoon at the Cottier Bar, Restaurant and Wedding venue in the heart of Glasgow’s Westend and I’m at one my favourite venues. This means that what you have to learn is not as involved, but learning these simple elements until it is second nature is paramount to becoming a competent piper. Aye, lad. Your tribute was touching and memorable. When playing at a wedding, there are a lot of great marches to choose from, and yes, " Here Comes the Bride" is in my repertoire. In the last 8 years I’ve also lost a number of people very close to me in my family, including a sister, nephew and mother. Even more than that, I think the funeral is mostly for the living. The departed had no family or friends, and the service was to be at a pauper’s cemetery in rural Kentucky. Burials There are several ways that a funeral piper can contribute to a burial. We visit her often, and have had to retell the story of grandpa’s death numerous times. Powered by WordPress. guest but had been sworn to secrecy as to who it was. This went on for years. Alan, thank you for playing the pipes at my Mums funeral today. Outdoor Fun and Drive-In Movies at Quarry Park... Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals for Multigenerational... Quality Time in the Kitchen with Easy Apple Crisp. What would I do without ya? Not as long as you might think. When you call, be sure to give me a sense of what impact you are hoping to have with the bagpipes and we will work together to make sure that it has the desired effect. You just want to mourn or be with loved ones, but the important things won’t take care of themselves. It was just beautiful, and I think it was a great honor for my grandpa to have had. to be precise St John's church, Ballachulish near Glencoe. I am always willing to work with charitable organizations and if the price is an issue, let me know and I will try to work with you to insure that the bagpipes can be part of your event. I just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you from myself and all the family, you did a great job and made the whole service so much more dignified. I had been asked about a month ago to play the pipes at my friend Ciorsti’s wedding at Bonawe House, Taynuilt near Oban. I don’t think we could have asked for a better way to say goodbye to grandpa’s body. edited 10 years ago. u/PrinceOfNowhere. 3. With regard to the music theory behind the bagpipes, it is pretty simple. Each of grandpa’s living children said a few words, and shared a few memories. . 0788 426 8086, Allander Pipers, Craigdhu Rd, Milngavie, Glasgow G62 7TN  | |  +44(0)788 426 8086, Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Data Protection | Sitemap | Site Search, All Content Copyright © 2019. Autumn is in full glow. Because my grandpa worked with wood much of his life, we picked a simple wooden casket which was adorned with the American Flag. Because grandpa died on Christmas, it just seemed very fitting that I should play the piano for him at his funeral. Not everyone was able to bring their kids, but it was still lovely to have them all here. When I play at a funeral, Amazing Grace on the bagpipes is the most common request. And yes, I could not have done all that needed to be done without “my people” there. He added a real touch of Scotland to our event and I’m sure it’s not just the community council that will be looking forward to having him back in our village again. If you have a question and can not find the information you are looking for below, please contact Michael and he will be sure to provide an answer. Congratulations to Vicky and Daniel. Created by Meks. My brother-in-law sang “I Stand All Amazed”, which I accompanied on the piano. We are not originally from Scotland and it was wonderful to have traditional music playing as we walked out from the ceremony. I'm glad to say that I'm back in one of my favourite area's of Scotland, Lochaber! It seems that her dementia has gotten progressively worse without grandpa to keep her on track, and she gets very confused about where grandpa is. It is quite sad. All photography and written text on this site are Copyright of Clever Housewife © 2012-2013, unless otherwise noted. Long story short, this instrument is one that anyone can play if they have the time and drive to practice. When playing at a wedding, there are a lot of great marches to choose from, and yes, " Here Comes the Bride" is in my repertoire. If ever you see a set of pipes for sale with a price range of $200 to $500, you are likely looking at a set that is not even worth that amount. This is an investment, one that will hold its value. As with any instrument, it takes a lot of work to become proficient. It is the sealing of what has happened. This must have been so hard for you to write, but probably also a little bit freeing too. Despite a 6 month delay due to COVID, Alan was flexible, professional and was relaxed on the day.". In the days following my grandpa’s death, my oldest sister and I, along with my aunt, helped my mom make all of the funeral arrangements. You’re such a support to me, as are all my children. Quality bagpipes are made of African Blackwood, one of the hardest woods in the world. I believe funerals are a way to gather loved ones together to remember the deceased in a way that would make them smile from above. The transition from the practice chanter to the bagpipe takes a little getting used to because you have to think about the mechanics of playing the bagpipes and music at the same time. It took me about eight months to be competent enough to perform at an event. As a bagpiper I play many gigs. I also played a piano solo of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”. There are some people who have their pipes fitted with silver. Many Thanks, Archived. For those who are religious, nothing could be worse than taking a highway to hell. Copyright © 2014. Yes and no. Today I have been asked to play at the wedding reception of Christophe and David at the splendid venue of Studio 93in Garriochmill Road, right next to the stunning Botantic Gardens. It is always a challenge to deal with all of the important stuff after a loved one passes away. Today I visited St. Mary’s primary school in Maryhill, Glasgow. So the strange times continue and this is only my second wedding this year and it’s now the start of September! There is no sense in wasting you money on bagpipes that are cheaply made. None of us ever played, but they just kind of ring in our blood when we hear them. If you have a special tune that you would like to here at your event, let me know. Anyway, beautiful funeral and beautiful post. "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. Because my grandma was born in Scotland, bagpipes have always been a part of my family. r/bagpipes. It was a great pleasure to have Alan playing at our Burns Supper. I think grandpa’s funeral was perfect, and did just that. It’s the grand opening of their new MUGA (multi use games area). I have now experienced sending off two people whom I love dearly; my daughter, and now my grandpa. I have fond memories of my grandparents coming over for Christmas dinner, and after we’d finish eating, I would play the piano for them. Please send all inquiries to, Help to End Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse. Though we can all appreciate this rock classic, most people like to think the best of their loved ones after they die. This song might be a favorite for family celebrations, but it doesn’t have any place at a funeral. Can anyone explain... Close. You can see from the photos that she was very moved, which in turn touched all of us in attendance. Grandpa was a Veteran of World War II where he was in the Navy and repaired fighter planes after they were shot up. Bagpipes at a funeral . it was very moving and everyone commented on how lovely it was. In full regalia, he led the pallbearers to the gravesite just like a traditional Scottish or Irish funeral.

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