This includes utilising your annual leave to offset your notice period. You are deemed to have consented to our cookie policy as you continue browsing our site. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'hrinasia_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',109,'0','0'])); 2. What if he/she has paid for a hotel room? Clear written policy about employment leave, including types of leaves, as well as reasons and consequences employees and employers get when violating the employment leave rules. Tell employees immediately after the request IF you intend to reject the request. Unfortunately, we are already at that cap for the days you have requested. Received feedback from staff - why need to approve since it is an entitlement and for MC, it cannot be rejected. The above will also serve as the reason for rejecting AL. 11 Types of Employee Leave to Ensure Work-Life Balance. For instance, what if the employee who wants to take a vacation leave has booked a flight ticket? After the eighth year and afterward, you can get a paid annual leave of at least 14 days. In the event where you leave your current employer to join another organisation, your annual leave will be reset and recalculated. Tell employees that they have a time frame for requesting leave. Nevertheless, even under reasonable and fair method, employer must not take employees for granted. On a side note, how can a company operate if it is not necessary for leave to be approved? The policy should include, urgent leave policy, vacation policy, and returnship from leave before end-of-leave policy. If you have worked for the employer for less than one year, your leave will be prorated. Employers have the power to legally refuse employees from taking leave, but its consequences to employee productivity could be higher. However, for the usual annual leave, we do state that although it is an entitlement, employees will still need to write an email to their HOD/ Project Manager and copy the HR dept to get the approval before applying in the leave system/ making travel plans. They will have to ensure that there's either someone to cover them during their absence, remain contactable or that their absence does not impact on work too greatly. The rejection of employee leave can be for various reasons from peak season, important client meeting, to major last-minute change. Medical Leaves will be approved as long as they produce a valid medical certificate and does not exceed the 14 days given. Find out if employees are allowed to encash unutilized annual leave, and if there are any rules in the Singapore Employment Act that guide that. We use cookies to improve and customise your browsing experience.

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