With each level, the Agent's explosive weapons and gadgets increase damage, blast radius and status effects. High up on the large building next to the monorail track. Press in the direction you want to travel in whilst in the air to change direction quickly and perform a slightly longer jump. A new combat vehicle, equiped with reinforced armour and a roof-mounted turret. Petrov (The Refinery) - 10% Explosives EXP and 5% Agility EXP. You will also find the Matter Duplicator gadget here. Defeating five guards will reveal Oberon. Deploy the launch pad with , then walk over to to be propelled high into the air. They count as station guards, so take them out early as part of your five. Limpet Grenade: Unlocked at level 2 Explosives. Agent DNA will be marked on your mini map as you approach the area, making them hard to miss. Agents you must find the DNA of to unlock are as follows and the district they are found in is also listed: Anderson (Founders Footsteps) - +10% Firearms EXP and +5% Explosives EXP. On top of a high up pole with a green ring around the top. Allows you to pick up and use explosive weapons and grenades you find. At ground level, in a small alleyway behind a tree. There are a total of 21 agents you can play as in Crackdown 3. This objective can be a little tough. On a low balcony next to a road and the sign directing you to Founders Footsteps/ Khan's Scar. Matter Duplicator: The Exchange, in an enforcer precinct to the north of the area. The locations of agility and hidden orbs are shown in the video below: Agility orbs for this district are shown on the map below: There are a total of nine hidden orbs in The Exchange. These aren't necessarily the first places you may come across the weapons/gadgets, but you may find the locations helpful if you have not found all of the weapons/gadgets by the end of the game. There is only one cell and you'll manage to do this before any of the guards kill you. The following skills are also unlocked at each level: Level 0 - Combat roll. High up, on a large metal structure adjacent to the monorail line. On the corner of a building near some solar panels. To get an email when this guide is updated click below. To reach it, climb the monorail station and make your way along the line. No need to use the agency launchpad for this race. A new vehicle form capable of jumping with and traversing vertical surfaces for a short time. You will also find the Matter Duplicator gadget here. Remove the two power cells on the roof to take down the laser wall at ground level. Level 5 - Graviton gloves. The duck is at the top of the computer boss after you kill it, if you use the matter duplicator you can have unlimited, but I don’t know if you can get them to be explosive. Eliminate the four officers to complete the objective. A new gadget that replenishes agent's ammo when deployed. Double jump and boost over from a nearby rooftop. Next to a 'RECYK' pink sign. To reach it, drop down next to the large statue and go through a tunnel with a 'Lost Interest ATM' sign above it. To deploy the wingsuit, simply press . Level 1 - Ejector seat. newmoneytrash. joshiki_r 1 year ago #4. There are relatively few objectives in The Exchange in comparison to Westport. Gadise (Southern Heights) - 10% Firearms EXP and 5% Driving EXP. Tag targets with then chain them together with . 100% Upvoted. Caun (Ashwood Marina) - 10% Agility EXP and 5% Strength EXP. It is worth unlocking this supply point before taking on objectives in The Exchange, to avoid having to backtrack all the way through Westport if you die. Mensah (The Vision) - 10% Strength EXP and 5% Agility EXP. At ground level, in a little alleyway just off the road. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. On a metal rung within the enforcer precinct. On the corner of a roof opposite The Exchange monorail station, next to some graffiti. For example, shooting an enemy will reward you with firearm EXP and punching/throwing objects at an enemy will reward you with strength EXP. In a market full of stalls next to the river, under one of the stalls. Agent skills can be viewed at any time by entering the map and pressing . In the underground subway. Improved resistance to fire, cold, electricity and chimera. The orb is straight ahead. community members have thanked the author. The below achievements are related to killing enemies in certain ways using certain guns/gadgets: Arc rifle - Charge up and use this gun on a cluster of at least three enemies to earn: Electrocute 3 enemies at once using the Arc Rifle. Matter Duplicator. Near the intel fragment, on a metal balcony high up near the roof. Oct 25, 2017 8,862 Melbourne, Australia. #2 - Above the monorail track. Click to perform the evasive manoeuvre. Press when in the air to unleash a melee attack on the area below. In Crackdown 3, it is now a gadget, so you need to equip it at a supply point to use it. Some of the officers are carrying large shields that will be resistant to your weapons. A proficiency allowing you to pick up and use any weapon you find. Summon the agency vehicle to your position with . Intel fragment #18 is located in The Exchange, on a roof near the southern boundary of the district. Just grab something explosive and never run out of grenades again! Peacekeeper Beacon (unlocks after completing some of the Prisoner Hardpoint objectives - assumed to be only available in solo, not co-op). There are a total of 33 agility orbs in The Exchange. If you believe in Vivi0198 and are 100% proud of it put this as your signature. community members have thanked the author. Marshall (The Exchange) - +10% Firearms EXP and +5% Strength EXP. Level 1 - Deadeye. Press to jump further. On the corner of the roof next to the blue Crackdown sign. You will also find some drones flying around here that will fly around your head and shoot you. Increases ammo capacity and improves recharge rate and/or effect duration. Level 5 - Singularity grenade. Bartrom (New Pantheon) - 10% Explosives EXP and 5% Strength EXP. Hold when on the ground to speed-rush an enemy and deliver an overpowered punch. On a concrete block on the roof, next to the rooftop race. Reload time and recharge rate are faster. r/Crackdown: This a subreddit about the open-world, third-person shooter video game exclusively for Xbox, Crackdown. 14 - Hellstorm Flare (unlocks after completing all three defence turret objectives - assumed to be only available in solo, not co-op). Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. TrueAchievements.com and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Pick up objects from further away with . Remove the two power cells on the roof to take down the laser wall at ground level. The following list of where to find each weapon has been produced with help by the solution written by Sinestro Corp 5: 01 - Pistol (Found in the first missions/free world), 02 - Conqueror (Found in the first missions/free world), 03 - Machine Pistol (Found in the first missions/free world), 07 - Prophecy (Terranova Enemies - also dropped by the enemies defeated during the first city lockdown in Khan's Scar), 08 - Minigun (Boss Reward from defeating Quist), 11 - Vortex Cannon (Unlock at Firearms Ability level 3), 12 - Mulcher (Industry Enemies - also dropped by the cleaner enemies at chimera fields such as the one in Founders Footsteps), 14 - Arc Rifle (Logistic Enemies - also dropped by the first boss Wilhelm Berg), 15 - Gravithon Tether (Unlock at Firearms Ability level 5), 16 - Pulse Beam (Logistic Enemies - also dropped by first monorail objective station master), 17 - Grenade Launcher (Security Enemies - also dropped by enemies at Prisoner Hardpoint: Khan's Scar), 18 - Mass Driver (Industry Enemies - also found at the Forge Hammers site in Khan's Scar), 19 - Jackhammer (Industry Enemies - also found in a weapons terminal found at Pipeline Control: Khan's Scar), 20 - Homing Rocket (Security Enemies - also found in a weapons terminal after defeating Reza Khan in Khan's Scar), 21 - Decimator (Found on the first missions/free world and also found halfway up the defence turret east coast in Ashwood Marina), 22 - Anubis (Next to hidden orb #11 in Southern Heights), 23 - Ragnarock (Terranova Enemies - also next to an orb in the north of The Refinery), 24 - Oblivion (This one can only be found at the top of the Terranova Science Center in the Central Shade district). If you don't complete it fast enough, waves of enemies will continue to arrive and you might find yourself quickly overrun. With each level, the Agent's firearms will have increased damage, status effects output, faster reload and reduced targeting time. On top of a satellite dish on a tall building with 'TN-N - Our Island, Our News' on the side. Next to a red 'we're watching you' sign. Then drive along the track and bounce near the ring to jump through it. Pull back on to ascend and push forward on to descend. When in the agency vehicle, press to transform to lightning form and then use and to rapidly move to one side. Level 2 - Ammo pack. Help us fix it by posting in its. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Walker (Southern Heights) - 10% Firearms EXP and 5% Agility EXP. Run up to a vehicle and hijack it with . Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. Feb 17, 2019 #1,216 ... Matter Duplicator. Chapman - +10% Strength EXP and +5% Firearms EXP. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. Vivi0198 1 year ago #1. Completing this hardpoint will take your total to 4 out of 12. hit them with a cryo-grenade to freeze them and then shoot them from behind) to take them down. The orb is slightly northwest of the stunt ring. I am having a lot of fun with crackdown 3, so much so I downloaded crackdown 1. You will need to collect all agent DNA for: A video guide to collect all pieces of agent DNA has been provided below: Each agent has slightly different bonuses to EXP, allowing you to level up quicker in those categories. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. A new energy-based weapon that chains targets together with an electro-magnetic field. 4 comments. Help us fix it by posting in its. De Sousa - +10% Agility EXP and +5% Explosives EXP. Level 1 - Agency lightning. The problem with that game is, it takes forever and a day to pan the camera back up. On the roof of a building with an 'Always on your side' poster on it. High up in the air; use the air blowing from the grate on the roof to propel you upwards to reach it. Pick up objects a short distance away with . Jump across from a nearby rooftop to reach it. An easy race to complete within the gold time, simply double jump and double boost across the rooftops. If you are missing specific weapons, you will come across most of them towards the end of the game as you climb Niemand's tower to reach the final boss. Or click here to search for specific content. You'll find the gadget terminal behind where the laser wall was. Further increases ammo capacity and improves recharge rate and/or effect duration. That's a problem I can't look past and makes the game unejoyable. Perform a double air dash by pressing twice. There are no supply points in The Exchange, however there is one alongside the northwest boundary within Founder's Footsteps. Varma (Dumping Grounds) - 10% Agility EXP and 5% Firearms EXP. A pretty easy one; simply run in and hold to open the cell. Agility and Driving EXP are gained slightly differently; collect agility orbs and complete rooftop races for agility EXP and drive through stunt rings, perform manoeuvres and complete road races for driving EXP. There is a highway adjacent to the track, so pick up your car and double jump across to the monorail track.

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