Her beauty was such that she didn’t need dubious accessories like huge necklaces or garish lipstick to make her stand out. How does this proud man deal with such a blow that threatens to rip him apart? Maybe we should go away for a walk. They belonged to the city, to the good things in life. At least for a while. Towera could see that NyaNyirongo wasn’t looking at her. Emmanuel didn’t like succumbing to blackmail but they had little choice now. “Do not forget our customs there. Just take it out. Intimacy is the feeling of belonging and being loved. Her small voice rose above everyone else’s because you could almost hear her crying in her desperate posture. You do not want to miss your plane, do you? Towera was part of him and she wouldn’t embarrass Emmanuel in Paris. Everybody began to speak at once. His ears caught Penjani’s pleas. He gave each person what he or she wanted then proceeded to the next query. Mkharo shook his head. Emmanuel’s eyes shifted again to NyaNyirongo. “Mahara, mahara, you are talking sense,” NyaNyirongo intoned. Pearson is a slave to greed and selfish ambition. Emmanuel left his mother to follow his wife, running after her frantically as if he was competing in a race. I am calling you Mr Mhone; that means I respect you. He’d look after each and every one of them; pay for their children’s school fees and send money for notebooks, uniforms and food. Where was Emmanuel? She’d drink Coke from a glass not straight from the bottle like his siblings were doing just now, putting the whole nozzle in their mouths. “Each time you draw water from this well, a part of your flesh is left behind. Scottish Office: He just stood there, listening. He could imagine the scene. Mkharo, her younger brother, was holding her other hand. Get all your things together and quicken your pace. Feel free to use this list to expand your vocabulary and be more descriptive! The trip from Karonga to Chalema had taken them almost five hours. “Don’t worry mother, we’ll take care of you. He wanted to take in all the sights so he could describe the capital city to his children. English Grammar: TO BE (Simple Present) with witty dialogue and engaging pictures, English Grammar in context: TO HAVE (Simple Present) with interesting dialogue and colourful worksheets, Adjectives for Describing Relationships, Level A1-B2, Learn English With Africa, September 2017, Mangoes for Lydia, A Short Story, Level B1-B2, English Vocabulary: Lesson 3-Describe Your City or Village, Short Story: The Perfect Present, with the Present Perfect (Level B1-B2), Vocabulary for describing schools (with examples! He felt sorry for his relatives. The fact that its coffee was one of the best brands in the world didn’t matter either. “So, we are now left alone finally. Just boil it for two hours. Eight packets of Choice Assorted biscuits had been opened. It was his dead father’s fault. But I know you are a good girl NyaManda. She’d eat with a fork and a knife when need be. “Ah, I wish I could. 9 George Square, Glasgow G2 1QQ The ability to read and write told you that you couldn’t be crooked. You can use a dictionary to define the words you do not understand. Thank your uncle for thinking about you always.” He sent him another wink, making a sign with his hand as if he was counting money. Towera smiled and showed her wristwatch to her mother-in-law. Emmanuel took NyaNyirongo aside and spoke to her reassuringly. The word ‘relationship’ is defined as the way in which two or more people are connected or related. As if the food was going to fly away with the planes. She could even open a hair saloon. She hoped that one day the image of NyaNyirongo would bring fond feelings in her heart, not the instinctive hate she felt as if she was dealing with a rival, fighting for Emmanuel’s attention. They’d left him in the vehicle with the driver. Their last kwachas had to be used anyway. He told her. “Do not worry sister. “Excuse me,” he told his parents-in-law in English and they nodded in turn. The rightful place for the Mhones was the village. Soon the deal was closed and Mkharo turned his back on his nephew in order to talk to Penjani who’d started crying again. Their attires reminded him of weddings and embassy receptions at Capital Hotel, expensive and select. It didn’t take long for Emmanuel to reach the distraught group. They pointed at store windows and gaped at the prices tagged on the imported goods. Towera didn’t need hair extensions as most women did. His PhD conferred him this right. “Emmanuel. Everything was possible in France. His widowed mother, NyaNyirongo, his three brothers and four sisters and all their spouses. We know that you have the money. Emmanuel cringed and sought Towera with his eyes. That’s not much.” Penjani had cast a long dismayed look at her husband. I saw you running naked several times when you were just a tiny boy. May God give you long life.”, “You see,” Mkharo’s voice rose, gaining amplitude as the group drank his words. “That is true Emmanuel, my son. Take this. Unlike his parents-in-law who looked their part in this modern building. Emmanuel waited a while outside the store but when he realised that she wouldn’t come out soon, he turned and headed back to his mother NyaNyirongo, all the while thinking how lucky he was to have such an attractive wife. The fact that it bordered Zambia and Tanzania didn’t matter. The ability to speak English opened many doors, Emmanuel could testify to that. We need help to exit a relationship early and safely transition to another. When your sister Atusaye has a problem here, not enough salt in her house for example, she doesn’t have to look far.”, “Her brother who has got a PhD will come to her rescue.”, “Nganya, look at me.” He poked Emmanuel in the ribs. Immigration, migration, emigration, power, powerlessness, anger, ambition, dependence, independence, interdependence, depression and suffering, greed, love, family ties, betrayal, alienation, sacrifice. The list contains adjectives, synonyms, terminology, and other descriptive words related to a relationship. The sixth was on its way. Afterwards, she went to see Mbwenumbwenu whose salivating promises alleviated her burdens. In this post, you will learn different types of Adjectives that you can use to describe ‘relationships’. Pearson Chimaliro Manda is a retired Public Administrator and an aspiring Member of Parliament. This isn’t the time to get lost in the airport. You know, I think about my family a lot.” Then the exchange of money and the beginning of a pointless wait.

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