You only get a little bit of space in your dorm, so make every inch of it count! Pick up a pack of Command Picture Hanging Strips. When I moved into the dorms freshman year, I bought everything and anything. Pro tip: get a surge proof power strip though because dorms and storms are not a good mix and the power can go out and ruin every piece of technology you own. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our It just is something you really need to stay somewhat sane and organized take my word for it ok? Stock up, and you'll be ready for school. You can add more details to your digital calendar, but there's something nice about having a hard copy of your schedule that you can just flip through. And pro tip: get one with a freezer at the top. ", "Unlike thick plastic hangers, these take up less closet space. Her career has taken her from an assistant editor at Elle magazine to a content creator for brands and publishers including, MTV Networks, and Bustle. One way to make them much more bearable is by making sure you have all the essentials you need for it. . Pair the Cowin E7 with your device using either Bluetooth or NFC technology and enjoy up to 18 hours of wireless listening. Clothing There’s only so much room in a dorm closet, so pack just enough clothing to make it from … With the IRIS system, you can choose three, four, five, six, seven, or ten drawers. The two USB ports, which are compatible with both Android and Windows phones banish the need for proprietary chargers. ", "Express yourself in style on your wall or your dorm room's door. True story, but not my proudest moment. Basically, having a first aid kit makes you the Derek Shepherd of your dorm. That's a lot of gear to pack into a small space (have you read up on our favorite organizing tips recently?). Show off your unique style while making your dorm room extra cozy with beautiful bedding. Be prepared with your own dinnerware: This set comes with plates, bowls, and mugs that are safe to use in both the microwave and the dishwasher, if you're lucky enough to have one. When you know your feet are going to warm then it is easier for you to get out of bed. Because the worst thing would be giving over tons of your precious closet space to a bulky appliance you'll use a couple times in the first month and never look at again. Shop These Alternatives Instead. It's inexpensive but SO WARM. Like the ones above from Amazon are literally the ones that I still have. Not so much. So keep a supply of Clorox wipes in the dorm, you won't regret it! You could splurge on a cloud-soft duvet cover and ultra-cooling sheets, and we wouldn't blame you… Blackout curtains keep your dorm room dark for the days you want to sleep in or just think it's too sunny out for your mood. It will turn all of your favorite cards, sketches, and printed photos into a one-of-kind piece of art. Use the felt board to display an inspiring message, a note to your roommate, or a quote to share on social media. It's like, honestly, the number one essential. Most dorm room closets are incredibly small, so maximize the space you do have with a handy closet organizer. They're light, portable, keep clutter tucked away, and you can fit them somewhere in your dorm room — even if it's under your bed. So a major dorm essential is a power strip because it gives you like 7 outlets for the price of one. Best Bedding: AmazonBasics 5-Piece Light-Weight Microfiber. Choose from window a/c units along with a … I was obsessed with this because I had so many clothes that were suppose to be hung dry, like all my Lululemon workout clothes. StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Shelves, Hanging Closet Organizer, Best Wall Art: It worked great! ", "Focus while you're studying in the library or in your room—no matter what's going on around you. When fully assembled it measures 30 x 26 inches. It's there when you need it, and then you can be the one saving lives by passing out band aids! You can just hop out of bed and grab it from your dorm room! Not sure if it’s working? Buy on Amazon. Ultimately, it's a time saver and that' why I highly recommend it as a dorm essential. All your dorm … This 3.2 cubic foot mini refrigerator by Igloo is small enough for a dorm room but large enough to share with a roommate. If I wasn't in my bed freshman year, I was on my futon. Very Good. So if you have clothes you will have to hang dry, get a collapsable drying rack! So whatever you do, bring some cubbies to your dorm. Why? It's a time saver and hassle free way to naturally dry your hair in college! Use it for extra warmth in bed or while your snuggled on your futon watching TV. Getting ready for your first year in college and have no idea where to start? It's always a good idea to have extra seating for friends, or a cozy place to curl up and read. This is a dorm essential because it make your bed super soft and also creates a barrier between you and the mattress that plenty of people have slept on before you. Even if you plan on spending most of your time eating in the dining hall, there are going to be days where you're going to grab something back in your room. ", "A practical purchase that will help keep your dorm room looking neat and organized. This eye-catching chair comes with a memory-foam cushion for extra comfort. This lightweight vacuum can be used on both carpet and hard floors. I stored makeup, snacks, school supplies, even shoes in them! I got my first Echo right before freshman year. Rules about small appliances differ between schools, so you'll have to check to see if you're allowed hot plates, electric kettles, microwaves, or coffee makers. Many of the items — including the bedding, bath, and electronics/appliances — were top picks from the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI), which also took the budget-friendly value of the items into account. Dry off with these incredibly affordable and wonderfully soft, 100 percent cotton towels. The bags are available in your choice of black or java. Command hooks stick to many different surfaces, hold strong, and don't damage walls when you take them down at the end of the year. Or lean it on your desk if you can’t put holes in the wall. They're sturdy, inexpensive, AND when you take them down it doesn't chip the paint SO you won't be left with annoying damages fines! Keep yourself organized, remind yourself about tests and projects, leave messages for your roommates, and tack up some photos from home — all you need is a little bit of wall space. It comes in so handy if you have a basic tool kit. Slippers are a dorm essential because they keep your feet warm. Pottery Barn Shine-On Task Lamp, Best Pillow: So avoid that disaster by paying like $5 extra dollars for a surge proof one! We also love that this letter board comes in a ready-to-display oak frame with a sawtooth hanger on the back. And they're not super expensive. Such wonders that I'm making them a dorm essential, and I highly urge you to do the same! . I bought like 4 10ft usb cords for my dorm and they worked wonders. This one has sturdy handles that'll let you carry a ton of it to the washing machines, and also collapses when it's empty.

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