How to request wheelchair assistance at the airport? This is great information for those wanting to travel with disabled family members or friends while in Europe. How I Survived a 17-Hour Flight as a Wheelchair User. The Air Carrier Access Act mandates that airlines provide a place to store a collapsible, folding or break-down manual wheelchair in the aircraft cabin. The following posts have appeared on my blog, and are related to air travel. Our site uses cookies. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! What are Special Service Request (SSR) codes? What are the dimensions of the cargo compartment? When storing a wheelchair in the cargo compartment, it is recommended that all detachable parts of the wheelchair be removed and stored in the aircraft cabin. Can I check my wheelchair at the boarding gate? How do I use the airplane lavatory if I cannot walk? Learn more about our use of cookies in our. They can advise you of your rights and what further legal action you can take. Airlines require an assistant to be present if a passenger is unable to look after themselves during the flight or if they have severe hearing, mobility, or visual impairments. Can I use my own wheelchair in the airport? Can I store my manual wheelchair in the airplane cabin? If the crew have already placed their baggage in the onboard closet, it must be removed in favor of an assistive device belonging to a passenger with a disability. Passengers displaced as a result of their seats being used to secure a wheelchair are entitled to denied boarding compensation as outlined in 14 CFR Part 250. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is responsible for dealing with complaints about airports and any airlines flying from them in the UK; whilst the Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for the same in the USA. Which SSR code describes my disability assistance needs? Will my power wheelchair or scooter fit on the airplane? Were Your ACAA Rights Violated? Still, I have a passion for airplanes and flight and I keep flying to open air travel to people with disabilities. Thankfully, most modern airports have taken the concept of accessible travel seriously, so you are likely to have access to things like ramps, wider access pathways, disabled toilets, and designated seating areas. However, when an airline makes this decision, it must accommodate a passenger’s wheelchair in the cabin by strapping it to a row of seats. What rights do airline passengers with disabilities have in Europe? What happens if an airline damages my wheelchair? The seat-strapping method is a way of tying down a folding wheelchair to a row of seats on the airplane. What are SSR codes? Check these cargo hold dimensions! Any kind of information that is available for other passengers must be made accessible to those with disabilities (braille, sign language). Pre-arranging any necessary assistance will ensure that no time is lost in waiting for it to be arranged when you arrive which could lead to you missing your flight. Can I store my manual wheelchair on the airplane? Read through each of the sections, and you’ll be properly prepared to begin your wheelchair travel journey on an airplane. Secondly, inform your airline of your particular needs in good time. The assistance service at … The person is transferred into a special narrow wheelchair that can be wheeled down the aisle, and then the person is transferred into the seat. Once you’ve decided on when and where you want to go on holiday, it’s time to get acquainted with your new best friend – Flying with Disability. These sources will give you the ammunition you need to start planning your flight with confidence. It really gives you peace of mind. First things first, compare the arrangements offered by different airlines before making your booking. If you avoided flying until now because you thought it is something difficult t o achieve due to the fact that you use a wheelchair, you should know that there are ways to make this happen with ease. I have arranged this air travel guide to follow the timeline or “ribbon” of travel. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to put all of those answers online, so that they would be easy for others to find. When planning a holiday for, or with, a person with a disability, often the first obstacle is the flying part. Hold Airlines Responsible – File A Report With the U.S. Department of Transportation. Let your friends know about Amateur Traveler by buying a t-shirt or mug at the Amateur Traveler Etsy Shop. For instance, you may have the right to pursue a claim through the courts. In Today's post, we would like to give you some useful tips when traveling by plane with your mobility scooter or wheelchair. As a result of these requirements, most carriers do provide the wheelchair closet onboard. With more and more wheelchair travelers taking to the skies you would think that airlines would be doing all they could to embrace this growing sector of passengers. How can I reduce the risk of my wheelchair being damaged? Before I took my first flight as a wheelchair user, I spent hours searching the internet for answers to all of my questions – with little success. The airline is obligated to do this, even if the flight is fully booked. TSA Security Screenings for Travelers With Disabilities: How It Works, How to Reduce the Risk of an Airline Damaging Your Personal Wheelchair. All airplanes with 100 seats or more must have a wheelchair closet measuring at least 13 inches by 36 inches by 42 inches. Such components may include seat cushions, side guards, footrests, cup holders, bags, lighting kits and other attachments. Make sure you let the reservation agent know of your special need when you book the ticket so that you can be sure to get an aisle seat with a liftable armrest (not all seats have liftable armrests). Wheelchair storage closet on Boeing 737-800 aircraft. You’ll also find additional information not covered by the FAQ articles above. Just check out the following tips and pieces of advice and traveling with a wheelchair on airlines will be easier and safer than you ever imagined. Subscribe to the Amateur Traveler newsletter to learn about more great destinations. Summary of Disabled Passengers’ Rights and the Air Carrier Access Act, European Union Rights for Passengers with Disabilities in Air Travel. Here’s What to Expect. A significant amount of the adult population is wheelchair dependent, somewhere in the region of one percent globally, with as many as ten percent of people having a disability of some kind. But don’t panic, the best way to ensure a stress-free flight is to plan ahead and know your rights and thankfully, there’s plenty of help out there. Can I use my own wheelchair or scooter in the airport? Anyone can fly. Lost Baggage? First Class for the Wheelchair Traveler: Luxury or Necessity? Remember that there are often long distances within airports and that this may mean that you will require assistance. How do I report Air Carrier Access Act violations. But if you or your companion is in a wheelchair the whole enterprise might start to seem impossible. Seat-strapping is permitted and allows carriers to forgo installation of the large wheelchair closet. There are a number of specialist companies out there, so make sure you give yourself some peace of mind with an adequate policy. It doesn’t matter if a disability might ‘offend’ or ‘irritate’ other passengers it is still a disabled person’s right to fly – though they may be refused boarding if the pilot feels their disability endangers the health and safety of other people. How do wheelchair users get on airplanes? If your manual wheelchair has a rigid frame and will not fit inside the onboard wheelchair closet, the wheelchair will need to be stored in the airplane cargo hold. Learn more about our use of cookies in our, What Airlines Won’t Tell You About Preboarding for Disabled Passengers, 3 Most Violated Accessibility Rules in Air Travel, Emergency Airplane Evacuations for Wheelchair Users, New DOT Rule May Improve Air Travel for Wheelchair Users, Medical Emergency on an Airplane? Check the policy of your airline if you wish to remain in your own wheelchair right to the aircraft door, rather than transfer to an airline wheelchair at check-in. When planning a holiday for, or with, a person with a disability, often the first obstacle is the flying part. The most relevant, general air travel information has been taken from these posts and included in the articles listed above. For more blog posts and stories related to air travel with a wheelchair, click here. As a disabled traveler who has now taken more than 500 flights with my power wheelchair, I have dealt with just about every problem you could imagine. These items may be stored at your seat, in an overhead bin or in the wheelchair closet.

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