The Typhoon was the most powerful storm to strike Communist China. Despite rescue attempts, 51 people perished when the ferry capsized and sank. Aug 2008- Hurricane Hanna formed Aug 28 and killed at least 529 people in Haiti, mainly in the Gonaives area, after battering the region with torrential rain and strong winds for several days. Willoughby Spit was created in Norfolk, Virginia when a hurricane destroyed Fort George, the site of present day Fort Monroe. Wilma devastated the east coast of southern Florida. A powerful hurricane hit Dominica and Martinique causing 3,000 deaths. The strongest hurricane in the Atlantic so far this year was Category 3 Danny. August 1635 Oct 2007 – Typhoon Lekima causes floods and landslides in Vietnam killing at least 86 people. Even so, it brought sixteen-inches of rainfall to parts of North Carolina, 90 million dollars in damage, and left six dead before turning seaward. A category 4 hurricane struck Cape May, New Jersey, with hurricane force winds traveling as far west as Philadelphia, cutting a path of destruction.

Waves as high as 48 feet happened offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The Great September Gale, the first hurricane to strike New England in 180 years, first made landfall on Long Island, New York, and then Connecticut. August 1969 – Hurricane Camille, a category 5 hurricane, came ashore over Gulfport, Mississippi with winds of 180 mph and a record storm surge of more than 24 feet. The deadliest natural disaster in United States history, this category 4 hurricane moved through Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico before crashing into Galveston, Texas without warning. The storms killed at least 441 people and did about $369 billion in damage. [86]. October 2000 – Hurricane Keith, a category 4 hurricane, strikes Belize City causing 2 million dollars in damage in Belize, Nicaragua, and Honduras. September 2005 – Hurricane Rita, following a similar track as Katrina, reached category 5 strength before making landfall on the Texas/Louisiana border. Experts estimate the total cost of the storm could reach 200 billion dollars, making Katrina the costliest hurricane in United States history.

Diane was the first billion dollar hurricane to make landfall in the United States. Jun 2007 – Cyclone Gonu was the strongest tropical cyclone on record in the Arabian Sea. Hurricane Iniki Sep 27, 1995.

At least 3,000 deaths were reported, with officials fearing it could be as many as 10,000. It tracked across the Bahamas and then pushed northward into New England, with Vermont and New Jersey hit the hardest. In 1946, the United States Navy and Air Force organize Hurricane Hunter squadrons in the Pacific and Atlantic. Cyclone Mahina, a category 5 cyclone, strikes Bathurst Bay , Australia, bringing with it a 48 foot storm surge, and leaving over 400 people dead. October 1966 -Hurricane Inez, also known as -The Crazy One,- carves it-s category 3, 190 mph path, from the Caribbean to Florida, and then to Mexico, producing millions of dollars of damage and claiming the lives of 1,500 people.

September 1974 – Hurricane Fifi kills as many as 10,000 people in Honduras, destroying 80 percent of the banana crop and drowning two-fifths of the country-s cattle. October 2002 – Hurricane Lili, a category 4 hurricane, kills 14 people and causes widespread damage across the Caribbean and into Louisiana. Death toll reached 55; 3 million were without power, and damage estimates were at $7.2 billion. The storm is expected to swamp parts of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas with up to 30cm of rain and 50cm in some areas. This is likely due to the fact that the worst effects were experienced at sea. In October, another storm flooded a Louisiana bayou, killing more than 2,000 people. Waves as high as 45 feet battered Havana, Cuba. Mike Black and James Franklin publish a paper on hurricane eye wall wind profiles based on GPS dropsondes. Two weeks prior, Hurricane Dean hit Mexico. Storm surges reached 27 feet and winds as high as 90 mph were felt as far east as Mobile, Alabama, which experienced its worst flooding in 90 years. Keith left 24 people dead. Up to 3,000 people were killed with more than 2 million dollars in damage to Louisiana. Two hurricanes hit Fort Brooke, present day Tampa Bay, within one month of each other, nearly destroying the town. A hurricane hits western Cuba killing more than 3,000 people. October 1743 August, September 1933 March 1899 Hurricane Timeline – 2010 Cyclones form in most of the Earth’s oceans; depending on where you live, they are known by different names. Operationally, Gustav went from a tropical depression to a hurricane in 14 hours, tying Hurricane Humberto's record of 14 hours, although this may be disputed in post-season analysis. Hurricane Technology – 1970’s

At least 330 people were killed with another 8,208 missing.

But the corps also said this did not mean there would be flooding, and images on Monday showed waves overlapping at least one levee in the city.

The Most Powerful Super Typhoon of 2014 Hits the Pacific – While there have been several powerful tropical storms this year, Super Typhoon Vongfong in the Western Pacific has strengthened to become the year’s  biggest typhoons. May 2009-  Beginning as a disturbance in the Bay of Bengal and eventually strengthening to a  Tropical Cyclone, Aila made landfall with wind gusts of up to 75 mph and a huge surge of seawater. This was tied with 1969 for the second-highest number of hurricanes recorded during a season. The entire British and French fleets were destroyed.-. George Bush, the US president, described the hurricane on Monday at a news conference as a “serious event” but said “I feel good [that] the co-ordination on this storm is a lot better than during Katrina.”.

About a month later, Hurricane Michael, the first tropical cyclone to strike the United States as a Category 5 hurricane since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, left extensive damage in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. A powerful hurricane struck Newfoundland, Canada causing a storm surge of up to 30 feet. April 2006 – Cyclone Monica, the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, caused massive flooding in far north Queensland, Australia.

A hurricane and resulting storm surge struck the Meghna River region in present day Bangladesh killing more than 100,000 people. August – October 1995 – With 19 storms on record, this season goes down as the second-busiest storm season on record (2nd to the 21 recorded in 1933).- Of note is Hurricane Opal, a category 3 hurricane that came ashore in Pensacola, Florida causing an estimated 3 billion dollars in damage.

The storm moved slowly over the state, creating massive flooding in the New Orleans area. September 2004 – Category 5 Hurricane Ivan was responsible for 124 deaths throughout the Caribbean and Eastern United States.

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