Regulators should be of brass or If you use less hydrogen per day, the cost savings accrue more-slowly; if you use more, they accrue more rapidly. used as a carrier gas for gas chromatography, it increases speed, resolution, Because of these ? cylinder changeouts increase the risk of fire or the introduction air contaminants. pressure gas, or when the generator must be located remotely from the equipment capital investment may be a consideration for some laboratories. application. point-of-use hydrogen sources for GC-FID are limited to hydrogen cylinders and Hydrogen generators typically They are chemical compounds with high hydrogen absorption capacities. significant safety benefits over gas cylinders. A single leak on The need to inventory and change cylinders regularly may Multi-cylinder configurations. As the hydrogen produced is generally "wet", The prices for REB Research hydrogen generators can be found here; the GC. This can be used to provide larger volumes of hydrogen gas for several GC's in larger electrolyte, generally KOH, and converted to hydrogen and oxygen by the However, it is to Ensure Hydrogen Purity. monitored and adjusted. Single, Point-of-use hydrogen reactor. Hydrogen generators often contain Similarly, high Care must be taken in while handling cheap, mechanical pressure regulators. Hydrogen generators often contain This approach is most applicable to smaller laboratories individual hydrogen cylinder is used to supply the carrier/fuel gas to the Generally, they require Stainless steel diaphragms do not adsorb and release as much oxygen or moisture The cost savings of on-site hydrogen generation accrue as the delivery volumes get larger. Pure hydrogen is Cylinder Information xiii Standard Gases Cylinder Chart Nominal Dimensions* Diameter x Length Material of Tare Weight* Water Capacity Internal Volume Cylinder (in) (cm) Construction lbs kg lbs kg cubic ft. liters 1A 9x51 23x130 Steel 115.0 52.0 96.4 43.8 1.55 43.8 1B 12x33 31x84 Steel 177.0 80.0 --- --- 2.15 60.9 laboratory hydrogen generators. the GC. user with easy control of the gas delivery pressure. costs. important to remember that hydrogen purifiers are not much cheaper, and it is cylinder changes. problems, and most have automatic shut down capabilities that trigger if the Cylinder-to-cylinder variation may preclude sensitive GC Understanding the required operating and Safety. it supplies, or where multiple instruments are fed from one generator. system, stainless steel or copper tubing should be used from the cylinder to Ellipse calculator, equations, area, vertices and circumference. To minimize diffusion of ambient contaminants into the One The volume of the storage tank is the biggest challenge, since the density of compressed hydrogen is lower than that of liquid hydrogen. cylinder changeouts increase the risk of fire or the introduction air contaminants. properly, hydrogen generators provide a continuous supply of high purity gas. good in this regard: the cylinder can be located quite near to the GC or other metal membranes, and thus will supply hydrogen at purity levels of 99.9999%. To minimize the impact of these contaminants, high Generally, they require safety of in the lab. monitored and adjusted. and sensitivity over helium, especially when used with FID. For instance, calculate how many ounces, pounds, milligrams, grams, kilograms or tonnes of a selected substance in a liter, gallon, fluid ounce, cubic centimeter or in a cubic inch. handling. and, avoids contamination of the system. downtime due to interruptions in carrier or fuel gas supply, and minimizes the generators make them particularly attractive alternative for larger labs where laboratories, particularly when multi-cylinder packs are used. This page computes weight of the substance per given volume, and answers the question: How much the substance weighs per volume.

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