Officially, it was in the year 726 that “Leo III introduced iconoclasm” (Andrew Louth, Greek East and Latin West,   p. 82). Traditional explanations for Byzantine iconoclasm have sometimes focused on the importance of Islamic prohibitions against images influencing Byzantine thought. These terms were, however, not a part of the Byzantine debate over images. Leo, however, was not a theological trailblazer. Here is the younger Pliny on the downfall of the emperor Domitian: It was our delight to dash those proud faces to the ground, to smite them with the sword and savage them with the axe as if blood and agony could follow from every blow. Il fit couronner Symbatios, le fils qu’il avait eu d’un premier mariage, et le renomma Constantin, rappelant non seulement les deux empereurs Léon III et Constantin V, mais surtout leurs victoires sur l’ennemi. Caligula, Nero, Domitian, and Geta have not disappeared from the record, but the way their images were erected, changed, defaced, used and reused has become a part of their histories, often in interesting counterpoint to the official image-making efforts of their own reigns. Degrees of iconoclasm vary greatly among religions and their branches, but are strongest in religions which oppose idolatry, including the Abrahamic religions. Athaliah of old was the same. Il s’empressa de révoquer les mesures fiscales de Nicéphore et, fervent partisan des images, multiplia les dons d’argent à l’Église[69]. The two periods of iconoclasm in the Byzantine Empire during the 8th and 9th centuries made use of this theological theme in discussions over the propriety of images of holy figures, including Christ, the Virgin (or Theotokos) and saints. À Pâques 815, un nouveau concile fut convoqué à Sainte-Sophie, qui, comme on pouvait s’y attendre, condamna les conclusions du concile de 787 et en revint à celles du concile de Hiéra (754). Thus there were two councils called the "Seventh Ecumenical Council," the first supporting iconoclasm, the second supporting icon veneration. En 754, franchissant les Alpes en plein hiver, le pape Étienne II rencontra Pépin, le roi des Francs. Le règne de Théophile se caractérise par les ambitions et la personnalité affirmée d'un empereur dynamique, qui capitalise sur le dynamisme global que connaît le monde byzantin au milieu de ce siècle.

In other versions of the Mandylion's story it joined a number of other images that were believed to have been painted from the life in the New Testament period by Saint Luke or other human painters, again demonstrating the support of Christ and the Virgin for icons, and the continuity of their use in Christianity since its start. Si en russe le terme ikona est réservé à une représentation religieuse, en grec, le terme eikon (littéralement « image ») indique une ressemblance quelconque, aussi bien littéralement que métaphoriquement. Toutefois, peu de temps après, Théoctiste fut vaincu lors d’un combat contre l’émir de Mélitène, pendant que les Sarrasins tentaient de reconquérir la Crète et tuaient Serge[101]. Indeed, it was rampantly faulty Christology which necessitated the calling of the first Six General Councils. And consider the exalted Queen in Revelation 12.

However, Leo had apparently become convinced by this point of the correctness of the iconoclast position, and had the icon of the Chalke gate, which Leo III is fictitiously claimed to have removed once before, replaced with a cross. The emperor’s sculptural presence was a constant in civic spaces from Britain to Syria, and the hairstyles and features of the imperial court were widely imitated. The emperor’s sculptural presence was a constant in civic spaces from Britain to Syria, and the hairstyles and features of the imperial court were widely imitated. At this stage in the debate there is no clear evidence for an imperial involvement in the debate, except that Germanos says he believes that Leo III supports images, leaving a question as to why Leo III has been presented as the arch-iconoclast of Byzantine history. As Dr. Martin suggests, “What the Emperor [Leo] did in 725 was to make a public declaration of policy on a question which had long been agitated” (Martin, p. 26). Earlier scholarship tried to link Byzantine Iconoclasm directly to Islam by arguing that Byzantine emperors saw the success of the early Caliphate and decided that Byzantine use of images (as opposed to Islamic aniconism) had angered God. Il s’agissait d’une réaction contre les cultes païens qui multipliaient les statues ou mosaïques représentant dieux et déesses ou les empereurs divinisés[9].

Et fin juin 813, la défaite totale de l’armée byzantine à Versinikia (près d’Andrinople) paracheva le triomphe bulgare[72],[68]. It was expressed in the public statues of worthies and in the private tombstones of the merely well-to-do, which often featured portraits as well as wordy inscriptions about their lives and careers. Lorsqu'il fut connu, ce projet souleva une vive opposition à Constantinople et fut certainement une des causes de la révolution de palais qui détrôna Irène le 31 octobre 802 et porta au pouvoir le logothète général Nicéphore. A Severan inscription on the Arch of Trajan in Timgad, Algeria, in which a reference to Geta has been replaced with other text. Create a free website or blog at Cinq ans plus tard, une campagne en Arménie et en Mésopotamie lui permit de faire de nouveaux prisonniers qui furent également envoyés en Thrace. Comme les règnes précédents, celui de Léon V (813-820) fut relativement bref. Additional evidence of Constantine’s faulty Christology is his rejection of the word “Theotokos” (Martin. Une bibliographie exhaustive est contenue dans chaque volume de la trilogie Le monde byzantin, Presses universitaires de France, coll. Beaucoup d'historiens estiment pour cela que Nicéphore a été un réformateur de talent, dont les mesures contribuent à poser les fondations de la renaissance de l'Empire à partir des années 840-850. Paulinus: Trier 2015, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 21:57. Si les biens matériels des iconodoules furent confisqués et le patriarche démis de ses fonctions, il n’y eut pas de violence physique contre les personnes.

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