Uhuru Kenyatta. They officially married in 1989 at Holy Family Basilica, Nairobi. The first lady was born to biracial l parents. She is married to the countries fourth president, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta who was inaugurated on the 9th of April, 2013. photo credit: file. 4. Uhuru Kenyatta Wife – Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta. He operates the Kenyatta family's vast business empire. Sabina Anyango Stadler. Actress, mother and TV producer. Kenyatta was born to a Kenyan father, Njuguna Gakuo, a former Director of the Kenya Railways Corporation, and a German mother, Magdalena. Margaret Kenyatta Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Family, Education, Businesses, Political Career Born on the 8th of April,1964, Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta is the first lady of Kenya. Born – April 08, 1964. Matriarch Mama Ngina and her son President Uhuru Kenyatta led the family as Margaret, famously remembered for being Nairobi's first and only woman mayor, was buried. She went to elites school in Molo; St Andrews School where she met her boyfriend President Uhuru Kenyatta who later become her husband. When young Uhuru Kenyatta joined prestigious St Mary’s School nicknamed Saints in late 1960s, he was chauffeured to school by bodyguards attached to his family. They include the Heritage Hotels, MediaMax Group that owns K24 and the People Daily, Commercial Bank of Africa and Brookside Dairy, of which he is the Executive Chairman. panganga.com/meet-the-gakuos-the-father-of-margaret-kenyatta 9. MUHOHO KENYATTA WIFE/ GIRLFRIEND … Margaret Wanjiru Kenyatta was born to former Director of State Controlled Kenya Railways Gakuo Njuguna. Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret Kenyatta have a relationship that looks perfect from the outside looking in. MUHOHO KENYATTA BIOGRAPHY Muhoho kenyatta is the second born to president Uhuru kenyatta .He was born in 1996. MUHOHO KENYATTA AGE He is 21 years old as at 2017. Margaret Kenyatta is the current First Lady of Kenya. Since her husband became president, she has been campaigning to lower child maternal mortality rates. In 1991, he married Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta. They include the Heritage Hotels, MediaMax Group that owns K24 and the People Daily, Commercial Bank of Africa and Brookside Dairy, of which he is the Executive Chairman. Margaret Kenyatta. 4. Uhuru Kenyatta. In 1991, Uhuru Kenyatta married Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta. According to a classmate Charles Ouko, Uhuru and his younger siblings Muhoho and Nyokabi were not treated in … Margaret Kenyatta. Muhoho Kenyatta biography, cv, wealth,contacts, news, family, wife, life history,Facebook, twitter, phone number and education background.He is president Uhuru son. 8. Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta is the wife of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, 4th President of Kenya and the First Lady of Kenya.She assumed the office after the inauguration of her husband on ninth of April 2013 at Kasarani. She took over form the former first lady Lucy Kibaki.Margaret was very instrumental during her husband's campaign, often seen by her husband's side all through. Margaret commands great respect among many Kenyan citizens, as she is described by many as the powerhouse of Uhuru Kenyatta and the family. Formerly, she studied at Kianda school. Nary have we had a scandal that has emanated from the first family and that could be because of the lengths to which they (the first family) control the … In 2014, she was named the UN Person of the Year. He operates the Kenyatta family’s vast business empire. Margaret Kenyatta is the wife of President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, who is the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya.She stands as one of the most iconic first ladies who will never be forgotten in Kenya’s history.

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