You mean Mimosa Pudica? There are many reasons why Mimosa pudica (More commonly now referred to as the TickleMe Plant) may have evolved it's leave- closing mechanism. This and Water Hyacinth was so pretty in their pot. Mimosa flowers. Do not imagine that the plant has a central nervous system, neurons and all, that allow it to sense when it is in danger. The scourge from America? Closing the leaves also makes the plant look less appetizing to passing herbivores and prevents water loss at night. d)hydrotropic - 18963888 There are two cases that cause the Mimosa to close its leaves. Posted in r/blackmagicfuckery by u/cxzqwe • 269 points and 7 comments Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Leaves of Mimosa pudica close when touched. Flowering Mimosa plant | Source. The movement of the TickleMe Plant also occurs when the sun sets … Click/tap images for attribution and license information. For example, it would be beneficial for the Mimosa to close its leaves if a caterpillar climbed on it. When the Mimosa pudica, commonly known as the sensitive plant, is touched by another organism, its leaves fold in upon themselves and its stems droop. Leaves of mimosa plant fold up when touched, returning to full leaf in a few minutes. The one some Western people introduced into Asia, Africa and Australia because it exhibit thigmonasty or seismonasty , and is so pretty? b)chemonastic movement. Closing the leaves also makes the plant look less appetizing to passing herbivores and prevents water loss at night. I have observed the movement when insects have landed on my plants. c)thermonastic movement. How Does The Mimosa Move? closing and opening of the leaves of MIMOSA PUDICA is due to a)seismonastic movement. Edit Gallery. Instead of eating the leaves, the caterpillar might be stuck inside the leaf, or it might fall off the plant. The u/bl3711 community on Reddit. The insects apprear to be frightened by the movement as they do move on rather quickly when the plant collapses.

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