Live as high as the birds can fly. Live as far as the clouds can go. When you become a member of the Becoming UnBusy community, you’ll develop mindsets, routines, and habits that take the chaos out of everyday living so you find time to focus on what really matters in YOUR life. Who knows,Tomorrow may be our last day so its better to be happy and enjoy each and every part of our life without any frustrations. Faith And Courage In Life By Laugh as if there's no tomorrow. Mistakes are the steps to reach that perfect level. Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". There is no Mr.perfect in this revolving world. Niderah, Never Stop Being You By Life's too short to be wasted. All other content on this website is Copyright © 2006 - 2020 FFP Inc. All rights reserved. Do what is right and what is best. more by Mae. Joyce Alcantara. Improve for the better, live for others. Believe in what you can do. Live as high as the birds can fly. Were you touched by this poem? I have been betrayed but now I wanna live as ifnthere is no tomorrow ... STOP! … Every line is factual and I can feel the life in love.Yes,literally there is no time to work on sorrows as destiny has already limited our due date. Live as the colors of a rainbow. Live it to the fullest, feel free! Terrie Brushette, Live Life By The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Do what is right and what is best. Live as the colors of a rainbow. Never waste it with worthless doubts and fears, Live life the way you want it to be. © All stories are moderated before being published. I’m busy;but not in the waymost people accept.I’m busy calming my fearand finding my courage.I’m busy listening to my kids.I’m busy getting in touchwith what is real.I’m busy growing things andconnecting with the natural world.I’m busy questioning my answers.I’m busy being present in my life.— Brooke Hampton, Barefoot Five, Your BeliefsYour attitudeYour thoughtsYour perspectiveHow honest you areWho your friends areWhat books you readHow often you exerciseThe type of food you eatHow many risks you takeHow you interpret the situationHow kind you are to othersHow kind you are to yourselfHow often you say “I love you.”How often you say “thank you.”How you express your feelingsWhether or not you ask for helpHow often you practice gratitudeHow many times you smile todayThe amount of effort you put forthHow you spend / invest your moneyHow much time you spend worryingHow often you think about your pastWhether or not you judge other peopleWhether or not you try again after a setbackHow much you appreciate the things you have— Caleb LP Gunner, Read full the full piece 26 Things That Are Completely Under Your Control, And then I realizedthat to bemore aliveI had tobe lessafraidsoI did it…I lost myfearand gainedmy whole life.— Author Unknown, To live content with small means;to seek elegance rather than luxury,and refinement rather than fashion,to be worthy, not respectable,and wealthy, not rich;to study hard, think quietly,talk gently, act frankly,to listen to stars and birds,to babes and sages,with open heart,to bear all cheerfully,to all bravely await occasions,hurry never.In a word, to let the spiritual unbiddenand unconscious grow up through the common.This is to be my symphony.— William Henry Channing, Go into this weekwith the attitude thatyour peace,your health of mind,and your heartmean more thangetting everything else done.That your smile matters,That feeling rested matters.That holding the handof your loved ones matter.So pause lots,function at a pacethat doesn’t pull you apart.Honour the things thatmake you feel good inside,the things that make you feel alive.Give time to those things this week.Make time the gift it is,by giving it to what really matters to you.— S.C. Lourie of Butterflies and Pebbles, Fear is loud and bossy.She can be vicious at times.And the worst of it is thatshe often mingles truth with fiction.But you must learn to challengethe stories she feeds you.You get to be the boss of your thoughts.You can learn to questionwhether or noteverything she tells youis truth,whole truth,and nothing but the truth.Since you have done the workto deepen self-awarenessand self-compassion,when she throws all your past failingsin your face you won’t crumblebecause you already know you are imperfect…AND you are beautifuland resilientand worthyof building athoughtfully crafted life.— Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui of A Life in Progress, UNBUSY RESOURCE: 5 Ways to go Nose to Nose with Fear, An amazing thing happens whenyou get honest with yourself andstart doing what you love,what makes you happy.You stop wishing for the weekend.You stop merely looking forward to special events.You begin to livein each momentand you start feelinglike a human being.You just ride the wave that is life,with this feeling ofcontentment and joy.You move fluidly,steadily,calmand grateful.A veil is lifted,and a whole new perspectiveis born.—Author Unknown, To laugh often and much;To win the respect of intelligent peopleand the affection of children;To earn the appreciation of honest criticsand endure the betrayal of false friends;To appreciate beauty,to find the best in others;To leave the world a bit better,whether by a healthy child,a garden patch,or a redeemed social condition;To know even one life hasbreathed easierbecause you have lived.This is to have succeeded.— Author Unknown, Research shows inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson, I am not for everyone.I know my truth,I know who I am,I know what I do anddo not bring to the table.I’m not easy to deal withbut I do bring tons of value.I bring love and strength,but I am not perfect,and if I don’t fit inwith a person or groupthat is okay with me.— Sylvester McNutt III, Do not ask your childrento strive for extraordinary lives.Such striving may seem admirable,but it is the way of foolishness.Help them instead to find the wonderand the marvel of an ordinary life.Show them the joy of tastingtomatoes, apples and pears.Show them how to crywhen pets and people die.Show them the infinite pleasurein the touch of a hand.And make the ordinary come alive for them.The extraordinary will take care of itself.― William Martin, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching, This is how it worksYou’re young until you’re notYou love until you don’tYou try until you can’tYou laugh until you cryYou cry until you laughAnd everyone must breatheUntil their dying breathNo, this is how it worksYou peer inside yourselfYou take the things you likeAnd try to love the things you tookAnd then you take that love you madeAnd stick it into someSomeone else’s heartPumping someone else’s bloodAnd walking arm in armYou hope it don’t get harmedBut even if it doesYou’ll just do it all again— Regina Spektor, On The Radio, Remember when you go into the world tokeep your eyes and ears wide open.And be kind.Love one another.Take care of each other.Tell the truth.Always do your best.Listen to the big people and the little people.Explore new paths and have fun.Know that you are loved like crazy.Give thanks for all your blessings.Above all else,Love and you will dowonderful things in this world.— Rebecca Puig, It would make our week if you took a second to share this collection of poems about life on your favorite social media spot. Share your best email address with us here →, 26 Things That Are Completely Under Your Control. Value experiences, learn from mistakes. Poem About Enjoying Life And New Beginnings. Get rid of the facts that bother you. Life's too short to be wasted. This rhyming poem is the spark that can reignite the fires within you. Always be yourself, unique from the rest. To put it simply, I used to hate the world and everything in it. What an amazing poem! When I think about inspirational poems for women, I think of Brooke Hampton and Barefoot Five. Always be yourself, unique from the rest." values the entire poem. Time is gold; it couldn't be renewed. I was the only one holding myself back from, well, being me. The copyright of all poems on this website belong to the individual authors. Now I realize that I have missed out on so much, and I have everything to live for. Live as the sun shines in the sky. With insecurities and useless tears. It passes just once, so make the most out of it. I blamed everyone besides myself for my misery. Do NOT submit poems here, instead go to the. But I have learnt the fact that no one is better than oneself. I realized that we should think about future and live to the fullest !! Working on future is acceptable if it is not going to affect the Today's part. Dance as though you'll never get through. The world is round; it's all up to you. Put away frustrations, sing your own song! Forget the money, the root of all evil. 2. (That’s how we know we’re on the right track and should continue writing more posts like this!). Then, one day, it clicked. Mae View More. The best things in life are for free, so why not?! Live it to the fullest, feel free! Treasure your loved ones; you're lucky they're still there. Live as the sun shines in the sky. I felt like I was in a cage for the longest time. A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I have crossed the unbearable stage of getting criticized for committing mistakes and experienced those unkindest pain. Pin it for later! Some quotes about life are so beautifully written, they are absolutely poetic. Livelovelaugh, You Will Never See Me Fall By Whether you’re looking for poems of encouragement for yourself or poems about life to celebrate someone you love, you’ll find a wonderful collection of inspirational messages below. Improve for the better, live for others. Sing like you're on the top of the world. Angie M Flores, Success By I felt a pain reading this poem. It passes just once, so make the most out of it. Think fast, act now! Try to bring happy endings. Strengthen your faith, live with God. This famous poem begins at a fork in a... 3. Live as far as the clouds can go. Love with all your heart and soul. Life is made up of a succession of choices. As our life is filled with suffocation its hard to survive the seconds. Poems That Bring Awareness To Alzheimer's Disease. Live life the way you want it to be. Share Your Story Here. Remember that what couldn't tear you makes you strong. Want to save this collection for another day? Here are twelve short poems to inspire a beautiful life well-lived that I’ve stumbled upon while looking for UnBusy daily inspiration. These four lines "Value experiences, learn from mistakes. 1. Our favorite lines of poetry Did you spell check your submission? Great poem with a feel good tone to it, good work.

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