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Share more than your graphs. Das aktuelle zum Herunterladen bereitgestellte Installationspaket belegt 37.9 MB Speicherplatz.

Create Bubble Plots directly from raw data, encoding variables for position (X- and Y-coordinates), color, and size, Visualize distributions of large data sets with either extended or truncated violin plots, Automatically display your analysis results, Major improvements in showing general data trends through Akima splines and smoothing splines with improved control over the number of knots, or inflection points, Automatically add multiple comparison results to graphs, Annotate your bar graphs with values for the means, medians, or sample sizes to emphasize what's important in your work, Easily create graphs that show both individual points (scatter) along with bars for mean (or median) and error bars, New family panel shows the family of sheets related to the current sheet, and chains of analyses are automatically indented, Analyses with multiple results tables now grouped into a single sheet with tabs for each result table; choose which tabs to show or hide, Search by sheets with highlights or notes of specified color, Each row represents a different subject and each column is a different variable, allowing you to perform multiple linear regression (including Poisson regression), extract subsets of data into other table types, or select and transform subsets of the data. Pearson or Spearman (nonparametric) correlation. Beispielsweise sind die Konfigurationen für iOS- und Android-Smartphones, iPad und iPod sowie für diverse Spielekonsolen und weitere Endgeräte integriert. Prism is the ultimate financial planning app that will replace all your other banking apps — it’ll help improve your credit score and get you out of debt! Three-way ANOVA (limited to two levels in two of the factors, and any number of levels in the third). Analysis of repeated measures data (one-, two-, and three-way) using a mixed effects model (similar to repeated measures ANOVA, but capable of handling missing data). Quantify symmetry of imprecision with Hougaard’s skewness. Reports P values and confidence intervals. Test for departure from linearity with a runs test. Analyze a stack of P values, using Bonferroni multiple comparisons or the FDR approach to identify "significant" findings or discoveries. Mit dem kostenlosen „Any Video Converter Free“ konvertieren Sie Filme und Musik in andere Formate. Automatically graph curve over specified range of X values. Click below to download: Windows; Mac OS X.

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