As the builder and operator of both Pelagic and Pelagic Australis, he has traveled to Antarctica every year for three decades and set new standards in expedition yacht construction and design. In addition to sailing, Skip is a skilled mountaineer, and has partaken in climbing expeditions to Antarctica, South Georgia, New Zealand, the Alps, East Africa, Sikkim, Nepal and Patagonia. We do it as efficiently as possible by email but it is not the same.

Having said that, long gone are the days at a custom builder where things are decided ad hoc as you go along, unless you go the painful artisanal route and take years. Skip's home base is South Africa where he manages his world class adventure charter business - running his two high latitude expedition sailing vessels of the same name.

This vessel is being built for a private owner, but will eventually be chartering at times under the Pelagic brand. It is not only about making life easier; the implications for safety and seaworthiness, especially when it comes to plumbing, cannot be ignored. Downloadable PDF containing the Q&A from the live session and also a reading list containing some great books about Antartica. He is a co-founder of the ASA and is the chairman of ASA's Educational Committee.

Years back, I remember having a look at a well known production build where the genset had been mounted above the main engine in an impossible space where you could not pull the injectors without removing the generator. “This implies enhanced autonomy, ease of handling with respect to sail areas and, of course, given our Pelagic philosophy, simple systems that a yacht crew operating in remote areas can service without specialist help.”. I do not envy the skipper and crew, however, when those blockages occur. Skip is frequently asked to comment on high latitude adventuring and ocean sailing by radio, TV and print media. In 2016, he was awarded the Tilman Award by the Royal Cruising Club of London for his work pioneering Antarctic sailing expeditions. This 23.5m schooner is being built for Chilean businessman Nicolás Ibáñez Scott for use privately in Chile and offers a step-up in comfort levels for high latitudes and remote cruising. div.course-description .asa-membership:before{content:"SAVE\A$7"}. Watch how we made our 12-part series about storm sailing techniques with expedition guru…, In spring 2016 my partner, Magnus, and I delivered Pelagic, one of two yachts owned and run as a high-latitudes….

I had a dream: it was to make the Pelagic 77’s head compartments an example of plumbing, if not art.

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